Monday, June 14, 2010

5 Products that I Keep Buying Over and Over Again

Hello everyone! I'm really a beauty junkie, but there are certain products that I keep buying since they really work for me. Let me show you what my list consists of:

1. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Fresh

Well, technically, I haven't bought this over and over again. I'm only in my second bottle. Finally, I know all the rage about the Shu Uemura oils. I have seriously tried all the oils of Shu Uemura because I bought a travel pack of all their oils. Among all of them, I loved this and the brightening oil the best, but since this was the cheaper of the two, I opted for this. This feels very light, but still moisturizing --perfect for my oily skin. For a more in-depth review of this product, click HERE

2. SkinTel Pimple Clearing Soap

I am not the only one using this soap, my sister and brother use it too. We've been using this for two years at least, and it does a good job of preventing my face from breaking out, but at the same time, it's not harsh on my face. 

3. Godiva Vitamin C Serum

I love this product! I've been using this for more than three years. I've seriously bought a bottle religiously every month, and recently, my sister has started using it too. It really does help prevent pimples. For a while, they changed their formulation to the inferior, orange one but it seems that they have returned to their original clear formulation. For a more in-depth review, click HERE

3. Leyende Face Canvas

I'm already on my 3rd jar of this! Not only is it organic, but it is absolutely non-greasy, is easily absorbed by the skin, doesn't break me out, and seems to help lessen the oiliness of my face. When I had my 2nd pixel laser, I used this as my moisturizer and I did not feel any pain at all, as opposed to the moisturizer that my derma gave me. For a more in-depth review, click HERE
5. Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF 30

I can't remember how many of these I've gone through but I'm at least on my 5th. I use this everyday as my body sunblock because doesn't feel heavy like most sunblocks, and it doesn't smell like sunblock either. And the price? P270. Very affordable! I only wish it came in a bigger size.

What about you? What are the products that you keep buying again and again? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Askmewhats said...

same with you, I wish Vaseline would go bigger in size for their sunblock!

Crystal said...

yah, it's good noh?

coffretgorge said...

same with you, i love shu uemura cleansing oil in fresh :)

i need to try the vaseline sunscreen! :)

Crystal said...

gorge, try it! it's a good product :)

Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

i miss using godiva serum. i love this product.

i still have a serum but a different brand.

Crystal said...

jing, i've actually never tried any other vit. c serum aside from this :P

Crystal Gale said...

Hmmm, you really seem to like the godiva vit. c serum..makes me want to try it hehe I'll ask permission from my derma first since my skin is so sensitive lately and I don't want to break out again :)

Crystal said...

gale, the godiva vit serum has been a long time staple for me. :)

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