Monday, March 08, 2010

Reviews: Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum and Emulsion

Hello everyone! Today I'll be doing a combined review for Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum and Emulsion. This line is highly recommended for people with oily skin. In fact, the SAs over at Skinfood have been recommending this to me but I never bought them because I haven't read enough reviews. After all, my skin is an OIL MINE! It's a good thing though that the SAs there are not pushy :)

After a few years of reading reviews, I finally purchased this from a pre-order. No, not from the mall because it's terribly overpriced here!

left: Peach Sake Pore Emulsion, right: Peach Sake Pore Serum

Product Description:
Peach Sake Pore Serum: Enriched with vitamin C serum that contains peach and sake extracts. Tightens pores and controls excess sebum. 135 ml.

Peach Sake Pore Emulsion: Enriched with vitamin C emulsion that contains peach and sake extracts. Tightens pores and controls excess sebum. 45 ml.
The first thing I noticed with these two products is the smell! I'm sorry. I know a lot of people love how they smell like but I personally feel that they smell like air freshener! It kind of makes me dizzy actually. Moving on, the difference of the emulsion and the serum is that the serum is thicker while the emulsion is more watery. I was hoping that the emulsion could act as some sort of moisturizer since you put it after the serum, but unfortunately, it doesn't. So you'll still have to put moisturizer afterwards. I'm actually getting worried about product overload. 

I find the serum easy to apply since it uses a pump to get the product out, but the emulsion is a different story. I feel like I'm trying to get it out of a ketchup bottle! Skinfood should seriously consider adding a pump, since its watery texture makes it difficult to get it out. 

In performance, however, I'm happy with it. When I apply the serum and/or the emulsion, I notice that my face doesn't oil up as much. Normally, on a hot day, my face is really oily in 2-3 hours, but with these products, I can actually go up to 4 hours. In my oil mine face, that's a lot already! You might be able to do without the emulsion and just use the serum and still get results. If you have some oil problems, this is worth giving a shot!

TIP: Buy this from pre-orders instead of the mall. You can save 40%-50% off!


Jing said...

nice review crystal.

yes. skinfood is kinda expensive to me compared to other asian brands here.

Crystal said...

jing, i know. ang laki kasi ng patong here e :P

☆Anastacia☆ said...

All things by Skin Food smalls kinda strong for me too

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this review, I've bought Skin Food salmon concealer from pre order too! I know what you mean about the cheaper price

Crystal said...

anastacia, now that you've mentioned it. i have the same experience too!

nikki, much cheaper talaga noh?

Jill said...

Hi! i sell skin food products cheaper than mall prices.. we do preorders.. please do check my account..

email me
or text me @ 09274508423

check out my account in facebook. seach me by my email.. :)

Anonymous said...

I went to Skin Food Megamall and it was my first time to enter a skinfood store, and I was shocked because the prices there are terribly way higher than those selling online's ( on hand or pre orders ). So, my suggestion go for online stores girls. I know a Korean who do pre order selling, you can find her items on ebay. She also has samples or trial packs.

It's good thing that Etude House brands here in the Philippines is not expensive.

Beauty Style Addict said...

i found your blog while searching Skin Food reviews. I actually just did a review on the Peach Sake Pore Serum, and unfortunately it didn't work as great for me. But im glad it worked for you. You can check out my review if you like.

btw im now following you ^-^

Pong said...

the serum did not work for me too.
i just stare at the bottle now.
i still want to make it work.

Anna Ho said...

I just ordered the serum. Can't wait to try it ;D

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