Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ellana Mineral Lip Palettes Swatched

I was so excited to see that Ellana has come up with Mineral Lip Palettes. I love glosses and tints for everyday use and I only use mineral lippies since they are less damaging than traditional lipsticks. Since these palettes are not available in their weekend bazaars in SM stores, I made time to go to their showroom in West Avenue to buy these.

Look at the front. It's very cute!

Let's look at the Butterfly Kiss Lip Palette first:

top (L-R): Impress, Venus
bottom (L-R): Bubble, Smitten

Yes, I was so excited that I actually tried one of the shades before taking a picture of it. My bad!

Here are the swatches and descriptions from the catalog:

From left to right:
Impress - tinted magenta
Venus - tinted purplish pink
Bubble - tinted light rosy pink
Smitten - tinted magenta

This palette is the one with the pinkish shades. I like this palette better because I'm biased to pinks. These are lip tints, so don't expect them to be very pigmented. Some shades are more sheer than others. My favorite shades in this palette are Venus and Bubble, because they make nice MLBB shades. I recommend Smitten if you are going for a bright pink lip.

Next is the French Kiss Lip Palette:

top (L-R): Infatuation, Bliss
bottom (L-R): Honey, Passionate

Here are the swatches:

from left to right:
Infatuation - tinted rose red
Honey - tinted light peach
Passionate - tinted earthy red

This palette is more for the ones who like peachy, earthy shades. I find Bliss to be different from all the other lip tints. It's very matte and much more pigmented that the other sheer, glossy shades. Honey is my favorite in the quad. It's the sheerest among the four but will make a nice MLBB shade.

I'm excited about these palettes and can't wait to use them!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Haul Before Christmas + I'm in a Catalog!

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? I'm just enjoying my 4-day break. Breaks these long come so rarely. Anyway, I just want to show you some of the stuff I bought a few days before Christmas. 

First, I gave in and bought a bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Pammy gave me a sample and I loved it! So I bought a bottle for myself :)

A new brush belt from Suesh! I have too many brushes which won't fit in my two brush rolls so I think it's about time that I bought a big brush belt.

Some stuff from Ellana Minerals: Papaya Kojic soap, Lip Treatment in Cucumber Melon Fresh,  Butterfly Kiss and French Kiss Lip Palettes.

I really love lippies so these are great because I get four in one container! And they are mineral lippies so they are much better just for everyday use.

On a personal note, if you've seen their December catalog, you'll find that I'm in their pages! Can you spot me? LOL

And last but not least, my Urban Decay Jackpot that I ordered during the Sephora Friends and Family Sale has arrived. This set has 9 mini-sized 24/7 liners plus a full size pencil of Zero. I really can't wait to use these! I just feel sad that shortly after I ordered these, they released their Urban Decay 15th Anniversary set which includes all of their 24/7 pencils! Wah! At least I didn't spend too much money.

Anyway that's all. Belated Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...

An HTC Aria! Or maybe an Ipod touch instead! What do you think? What's more useful? I'd really appreciate any thoughts.

BTW, I've started to become addicted to lip pencils, so yes, any kind of lip pencil would be great for Christmas! And also more mineral lippies!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something New: Stila Eye for Color Palette

I've been eagerly awaiting this palette, so I was happy to finally get my hands on it. I like Stila palettes because they have good pigmentation for a reasonable price. And packaging is cute too!

It opens up to reveal 13 shades.

Here are some swatches. They have good pigmentation, not chalky, although some of the light colors a little light to see. I just wish they had some matte colors, since they are all shimmery.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

Ever since I tried Pammy's lip pencil, I got hooked! Lip pencils are so much easier to use because the application is very precise, cutting lipstick application time. From my previous post, I showed you that I recently bought my first NARS lip pencil in Dolce Vita.


I was really excited to use it. I used it for an event but I wasn't able to put on a full face of makeup due to time constraints. Here is Dolce Vita on my lips:

I like how it looks like, and it will also be a good MLBB shade for gals with darken skin tones.There's no hint of any gloss, it's definitely matte. Lasting power is okay. I wouldn't say it lasts really long. It lust lasts a little longer than lipstick.

I'm loving this purchase! Too bad NARS products are so expensive :( I'm also eyeing another lip pencil in Sex Machine plus one more from a different brand. Oh no! :P

Monday, December 06, 2010

Quick Post: Rustan's Mini Haul

Last saturday, I went to Shangri-La and really couldn't resist buying a few stuff from Rustan's. First I went to Stila to get the Eye for Color Palette, which I've been waiting for since the month began. I also got a Kitten smudgepot! I love the Kitten e/s so I wanted to try out the smudgepot version.

Then I went to the back of Stila, which was NARS! I got a blush in Amour, which is great because I'm really lacking in matte blushes. I can't wait to try it out! I also bought a lip pencil in Dolce Vita, which I'm loving! Reviews to follow shortly, starting with the Dolce Vita Lip Pencil.

Here's my small haul that still burned a hole in my pocket:

But I don't feel so bad because I get to use them on my gigs (nevertheless, I'm going on a makeup no-buy after this month hehe)! Yey for a fruitful December! Have a great day everyone!

Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm Sorry for the Lack of Updates

How is everyone doing? I'm really sorry my dear readers, I've been busy lately, so my blogging has really lessened. As you know, the ber months spell busy-ness for all of us. So I'm going to leave you with a neutral FOTD I put on during my friend's wedding last week.

Forgive the bad lighting. This was taken in my bathroom. Hehe

Here's the version with flash. I added it just so you have a clearer view:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC25
MAC Select Cover-Up NW20

Guerlain Pressed Meteorites in Mythic Parfait
Stila Contouring Trio

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Stila e/s in Kitten
Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Clarins Double Fix Mascara
The Face Shop Brow Pencil in Taupe
Kate Brow Mascara

NARS Deep Throat

NYX Frapuccino

Have a great weekend everyone!

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