Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Avon Lipsticks Part 2: Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick

I have to say that this line of Avon lipsticks is my favorite so far. Why? Because I love the sleek packaging, and the scent is not of the usual Avon smell. It smells like a combination of bubblegum and wax, which is not at all bothersome for me :)

I have three shades of this variety: Pink Glimmer, Pink Sugar and Shiny Rouge. They are actually sheer shades but buildable. They're shimmery, so if you're not a fan of shimmer, stay away from these. I personally love them, though.

Here's Pink Glimmer, Pink Sugar and Shiny Rouge without flash:

Here they are with flash:

Shiny Rouge and Pink Glimmer look almost exactly the same, but in reality, they're not, as you can see by the swatch without flash. They're pretty close though.

The con? Just like what I said with the 24K lipsticks, if you rub your lips, the glitter will spread around the area of your mouth! Not pretty. Be sure to remember that!

And since some of you asked for swatches the last time, here they are:

Pink Glimmer

Pink Sugar
Shiny Rouge

I love this for everyday use, or to be layered on top of other lipsticks for a shimmery effect!

Where to buy? From your nearest AVON dealer.

TIP: Wait for them to go on sale so you can get them for around P250 compared to its normal price of around P350.



cute! but they look so glassy and shimmery i don't think i can pull them off :( - trace

Crystal said...

peachy pink sisters, aww i'm sorry you're not fond of glassy stuff. i'm really into stuff like that :)


crystal - haha! i have full lips already, and a small face! not a good combo :(

i like looking at them on other people though. you can carry the shades beautifully! :)

Askmewhats said...

wow, it looks a bit dark on tube but it turned out like a tinted lipbalm :) ganda!

Crystal said...

aww, ganon ba? hehe, so you're into matte shades?

nikki, yah i like these stuff!

Golden said...

This lipstick could have been better if it's not too sheer. Sayang, gustong-gusto ko pa naman yung Spotlight Coral. But this lipstick will work if the user doesn't have uber pigmented lips.

Lots of love,

Crystal said...

golden, hi, oo nga it would have been better if it wasn't so sheer, that's why it's for everyday use lang and my lips aren't that pigmented anyway :)

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