Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ask me!

Ok, this is actually a series of questions about pixel laser which i will try my best to answer. These were asked through formspring.

Q: read about your pixel laser treatment.. san ka nagpalaser? i plan kasi sa ust..
A: I had it done in Transcom building near Tiendesitas.

Q:can i face my patients (intern) by 3rd-4th day after pixel laser treatment?
A: In my opinion, no. by the 3rd day, my skin was really peeling and i looked like a snake who was shedding its skin. it's not pretty :P in my experience, i didn't look decent until the 6th day.

Q:can i wear makeup kahit face powder lang by 3rd-4th day?
A: you can wear makeup the day right after pixel but in my opinion, face powder won't make any difference. pixel will make you really red, and then slowly it will turn brown with some scabs. before the peeling, you can get away with using a heavy coverage foundation/concealer, but no makeup will cover the peeling :)


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