Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review: Leyende Face Canvas

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Product Description:

Mango butter from India serves as the base for this deliciously non-greasy moisturizer. Perfect for tropical or cold weather, Face Canvas locks moisture in and stays put along with your make-up.

With organic bearberry extract. And now with added carrot extract!

After a reeeeaaaally long wait I finally got my order from Leyende. I got the face canvas as part of the holiday gift set that they have so what I have is a mini size instead of the full size. I've been using it for a week now, and so far, my really oil-mine, acne prone skin hasn't broken out yet.

Let me give a rundown on the pros and cons with this product:

  • It's oil-free.
  • It's non-greasy and doesn't leave a heavy feeling on the skin, making it perfect for me to use during daytime.
  • It's easily absorbed by the skin.
  • It's organic! 'Nuff said.
  • It has bearberry extract which is supposed to help with skin lightening. This might be a con for some people, but it's a pro for me since I'm always under the heat of the sun. I have to maintain my color somehow! Of course, I haven't seen noticed any difference yet since I've only been using it for a week.
  • It somehow helps control the oiliness of my skin.
  • The fragrance is mild and smells yummy. This might be a con for people who prefer their products to be fragrance-free.

  • It's in a tub, so it's not very hygienic.
  • At P450 for 60 g, it's a tad pricey for a local product.
  • Although some people say that it's also a good makeup base (but it's marketed as a moisturizer), I find that its texture is not very makeup base-y so I still put a primer after. Although, it's not their fault because it's not being marketed as a primer.
  • This has no SPF, so it's still a must to use sunblock.

Would I buy this again? Yes! Unless I find something better.

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