Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My fave eyeshadow quad and my everyday look..

Hello my dears! I love eyeshadow quads because sometimes I have to apply eye makeup on the go and I don't have the convenience to reach out for one of my big palettes. Quads are convenient because they can be brought around and there are already four different shades for your eyes. The downside is that they can put a damper on your creativity since you can only choose among 4 colors, but I still like them. I'd like to show you my favorite eyeshadow quad. It's my Coffret D'or eyeshadow quad. The SA told me that's it's one of their bestsellers and I can see why. The colors are soft and very wearable and it comes with a powder eyeliner.

Here is a picture of it that I've labelled:

Colors A, B, C are powder eyeshadows while D is a small eyeliner. It's a pretty color but I recommend that you use this strictly as an eyeliner and not as an eyeshadow because I find the consistency to be very different. It's harder to blend them with the other eyeshadows especially when used with a primer like UDPP.

I've noticed that most Kanebo eyeshadow palettes come with an illustration on where they recommend that you apply the makeup. Here is the illustration that came with mine. Of course, you don't have to follow it if you don't want to.

Here's my version. I didn't follow the illustration to the letter. This is my favorite everyday look. I don't make it too dark and I normally don't deepen my crease for day looks since it's quite odd in my line of work. So I added grey eyeliner and an everyday lengthening mascara.

So here's my final everyday look:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Loreal Clean Telescopic Mascara

I only keep two mascaras at a time because they only last a few months so to be able to make the most out of their short lifespans, I only buy two. So for now, I'm going to review Loreal Clean Telescopic Mascara. I tried it because I've been reading some good reviews about it.

First, let me show you a picture of my bare but curled lashes:

Here is a picture of my lashes with 1 coat of mascara. As you can see there is a some difference, nothing dramatic.

Here is a picture of my lashes after two coats:

As you can see, there is a big difference with the length of my lashes.

You should know that this mascara has a different wand from normal mascaras. The SA said that it was to prevent clumping, and you know what, it works! It doesn't clump and even when it does, it's so easy to remove them with any lash comb.

Take not though that it is not waterproof, but it does claim to be smudge-proof.

So here is the rundown of the pros and cons:

  • Really does lengthen your lashes
  • Doesn't clump

  • Does nothing to thicken your lashes
  • It smudges on me. I have uber oily lids BTW. 1 coat = minimal smudging. 2 coats = mega smudging!

The combination of a very hot, humid weather plus my really oily lids really beat this mascara.

TIPS: Do not touch your lashes once there is mascara already, or else you'll get spider lashes.

Will I buy this again? No. As much as this was a good everyday mascara, I don't want racoon eyes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Collection Shots: Coastal Scents

I got this tag from Martha last month but I only got around doing it now. Anyway, I know most of you were expecting MAC items or something but I honestly don't have much MAC stuff so I decided to show you my Coastal Scents collection.

Here is the rule:


And on to my pics. Here are my 3 eyeshadow palettes:

Here is my 42 matte eyeshadow and blush stack, my 6-piece contour palette (1 pan broke, huhu) and my new 66 lip palette. I haven't gotten around to using it yet.

And my gel liners in Silk White, 24K, Platinum and Truffle.

I prefer buying in palettes since I don't have a big budget for makeup actually. And yes, I bought them one or two at a time.

Well, til next time folks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Light Blue and Purple Look + Award

Hello my dear readers! I'm really sorry I've been MIA for a while. But the good news is, my laptop is finally working so I can finally blog properly again. Anyway, I'd just like to share with you a sort of blue and purple look. All the eyeshadows are from my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette. I rarely wear colorful eyeshadow, so my friends aren't used to it. Please excuse the small gap in the crease of my left eye. I think I scratched my eye accidentally. LOL.

Sweetscents Hide-a-pore in Medium
Ellana Sheer Velvet Finishing Powder
Earthen Glow Minerals Cover Me Foundation in Yuan Yuan
Milan Minerals Perfect Presentation
Dollface Cosmetics 15-piece concealer

Covergirl Brow and Eye Maker in Midnight Brown
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Coffret D'or Liquid Eye Pen in Natural
Loreal Telescopic Mascara

Coastal Scents 42-piece matte and blush set

Ellana Lip Gloss in First Kiss

Anyway, I received this award from Mitch!


Grab this award on my blog by leaving a comment on this post, a smiley face will do hehe. Please make a post of this award on your blog then link the person who gave this award to you. Also, you must pass this award on to bloggers you choose.

I'm passing this award to:

Anyway, my Ecotools Retractable Kabuki broke! WAhhh! I read about this happening to someone and now it's happened to me :( Luckily it's fixable.

Just a reminder, if you're from the Philippines, you still have time to join my giveaway!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Review: EDM Pressed Powder

Hello dearies! I know I haven't been blogging much lately. My laptop is still in the repair shop so I just use the computer from time to time. Anyway, let me leave you with a little something: a review of my EDM Pressed Powder. I've been on the lookout for a mineral pressed powder with little or no chemicals because it's hard to travel with loose minerals. Unfortunately, the ones that have mostly mineral ingredients are quite expensive, so when EDM came up with this, I just had to try it!

I've been using this for more than 2 months already and it's serving me well. I'm using the Fairly Light Golden. It's not my exact shade but since MMU is very forgiving, I can still get away with it. I wish there were more shades though. It's more golden than yellow (since that's what it says) but unfortunately, I'm more yellow than golden. This pressed powder has a slightly dewy finish, with a medium but buildable coverage. Let me give a rundown of pros and cons.

  • Mostly mineral and natural ingredients
  • Good staying power
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Easy to travel with because the minerals are pressed

  • Doesn't come with a mirror
  • Doesn't currently ship to the Philippines (stay tune for the opening of their Asia store)
  • Only a few shades are available
Will I buy this again? Yes. Finally, I have MMU that I can travel with.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Love Packages from Czel and Nlng*Star

Hello Dearies! I'd just like to show everyone the gifts I've gotten recently. First is my love package from Czel. We were talking and then we started talking about MMU brands that I haven't tried yet so she told me that she'd send me different samples! Yey! She also included a sample of Eyeko 3-in-1 Cream because she read in my blog that I wanted to try it out. Aww! So sweet! And I'm glad that I can finally try out Joppa Medium Light 2.5 which is supposed to be better for yellow skin. Thank you so much Czel!

Moving on, here is a pic of the goodies I received from Nlng*Star. I won her giveaway! Yey! In here are lots of face and eye masks, a gift set from Skin Food, some lippies, a compact mirror, and even that hair thing you use when you do your makeup (I forgot what it's called) that I read about from Thiamere's blog. Ooh finally I have my own! There's also some candy in the bottom right.

Here's a close-up of her note. Aww so sweet :)

Thanks Songling! I can't wait to try them out!

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