Monday, November 23, 2009

Nyx Round Lipstick Swatches

My pre-order from the Digital Traincase is here! She has one of the cheapest prices for NYX so yeah, I hoarded some lipsticks! And I swatched them for you lovelies since I know that a lot of people are curious with the colors. I actually ordered 11 lippies but Tea Rose was OOS. It's sad because it was one of the colors that I was looking for the most. I also ordered the Leow Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop brush which is said to be a dupe of MAC 239. I can't compare though because I don't have the MAC 239.

And here the swatches without flash:


Here are the swatches with flash. Please refer to the previous picture for the labels.


If you ask me, Strawberry Milk is the hardest shade to pull off. It's probably best for skintones NC15 or lighter. Since I'm an MLBB kind of girl when it comes to lipsticks, my favorite shades are B52 and perfect.

Here's how they look like on my lips (all done without flash):


Hope that helped you gals out there!


Khymm said...

ang ganda ng FIG and strawberry milk! wanna get that soon!

Crystal said...

nice nga yung fig. yung strawberry milk naman, feeling ko hindi ko keri! hehe.

Pammy said...

I like perfect and indian pink. pretty colours. :P

herroyalbleakness said...

I think that Strawberry milk will look good as a blush on you... Elektra looks like MAC's Russian Red, does it?

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

oooooh that's a lotta lippies! I'm so jealous! Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far. :)

Crystal said...

pammy, yes nice nga sila.

herroyalbleakness, you know what? you're right. it will probably make a good blush for me. although i don't use cream blushes e pero i can do that if i really have to.

clearlybeautifulblog, thank you dear.!

Sush said...

wow thats a lot! kainggit! :) I like loew cornell brushes hehe I have 7 of them haa

Crystal said...

sush, really? omg kainggit! how did you get your hands on them?

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