Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ask Me, Part 2

Another series of questions about pixel.

Q: thank you so much for answering my questions! :) ung peeling lang ba yung naging problem mo by 3rd day or may extreme swelling and burnt look pa din? I plan na mgabsent by 3rd day, so by 4th day, am I gonna be at least A LITTLE okay na?

A: Hi sis, of course each person will have a different experience, but for me, it's best that you don't go out until your 5th day. The scabs are brown in color, so until those parts peel off you'll look like you have thick brown gauze on your face. If you're really morena, it won't be as obvious than when you're on the fair side. your skin will also look pixelated that's why it's called pixel laser. In my experience (and I had it done twice already), i peel the most during my 4th day.

Q: may i ask pa ulit ano intensity ginamit on your first pixel treatment?

A: I think the intensity of mine was 1100. Your doctor will decide which intensity he/she thinks will be right for you.

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