Monday, February 01, 2010

My Pixel Laser Experience

Good morning everyone! As some might now, I had undergone Pixel Laser last month. Why? It's not really noticeable in my pictures, because I have makeup on, but without makeup, I actually have very rough cheeks due to my childhood acne. I've always been ashamed of them and now I'm finally doing something about it. Yey! 

The thing about Pixel, is that even though you see results right after the scabs fall off, you only see the maximum result after two months, because that's when your skin fully heals. The downtime? Around 6 days. Yikes. I looked like a monster during that time. On several occasions, I still went out and worked even with my ugly face because hey, what am I supposed to do? I can't not work for 6 days. Putting on makeup will help, but it can never cover the texture. And once the scabs started falling off, makeup or no makeup, I looked like a peeling monster anyway. Haha.

I'll discuss the downtime in detail.

Day 1 - The day of the Pixel Laser itself. Right after my procedure, my face hurt for 2 hours. I had an unexpected gig that day, so I still went out. No makeup was allowed so I looked terrible. My whole face was pixelated and it was reddish brown. My friend described it as though nuclear waste exploded on my face. Haha. That night, some of my pores started bleeding. Anything I apply on my face was uber painful.

Day 2 - My face had turn brown. Makeup is already allowed during Day 2 and onwards. Anything I applied on my face still hurt.

Day 3 - My face turned into really thick, pixelated scabs.

Day 4 - The scabs started to fall off.

Day 5 - Everywhere, the scabs were falling off like crazy. Not pretty.

Day 6 - Left over scabs still falling off.

Day 7 - I actually look decent enough to go out. Haha.

I actually noticed just a little difference in my skin, since I stared at it everyday. When I took pictures, though, I was surprised. There was actually a big difference. Wanna see?

Don't focus on the zits. I breakout occasionally. Haha. Don't mind the date on the picture. I forgot to adjust the time in my cam.

 Left Cheek

Right Cheek

There's a big difference on my right cheek right? I'm happy with the results and I'm surely doing this again.


- - aika - - said...

wow i saw a big difference on the before and after :D

mahal ba sis?

Crystal said...

sis, sa derma ko it's 5k per session.

Askmewhats said...

sis super huge difference especially the right cheek, so happy for you!!!!

Crystal said...

nikki, thank you!!! hugs!

Sush said...

wow! your skin looks so amazing, id def want to try that someday :)

Catmare said...

awesome! i can def see the difference! thanks for sharing =)

twinsouls888 said...

Hello girl tnx for visitin' me ^_^

I can really see the difference, wow. It worked girl ^_^

If you have sensitive skin like mine, you might wanna check out Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion, it's really good ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

That's a very noticeable difference..congrats! Is it expensive? Hmm although I don't think my derma will allow me to have that procedure..weird kasi magreact face ko hehe ^_^

Soapaholic said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!! I also have some acne scars on my cheeks a lot like yours. I've been wanting to try this procedure, but somehow I feel like now isn't the right time for me yet, haha! Ewan ko pa kung kailan ang right time.:P

purplesilke said...

sis, pashare naman number ng derma mo.. mura na yung 5k ah..

Crystal said...

sush, thank you!

catmare, NP! hope it helped :)

twinsouls, yeah i've been reading good reviews about that. it seems like a nice product.

Crystal said...

gale, bakit naman weird ang reaction ng face mo? gurl, you don't need pixel. kaya naman ng tca peels mo yung skin mo. mine kasi are crater scars and large pores.

soapaholic, if your skin is like mine, this is a big help :)

Crystal said...

purplesilke, i don't have the number of my derma right now. i'll look for it when i get home though :)

twinsouls888 said...

Hi girl, tnx for joining my Skin MD giveaway :) Appreciate it a lot ^_^

Emily said...

I am on day 2 after my Pixel and it looks horrific. Thanks for posting your experience it giving me hope for my future face.

Christina said...

hi it looks amazing!!! congrats! i was wondering if you can tell me where and who you pixel laser with? thank you! :)

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