Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lumiere Ditto "O": The Famous NARS Orgasm MMU Dupe

Hello lovelies! How are you doing? I know I haven't blogged the whole week. I've been really busy and really tired. I've been all around the place. 

So anyway, everyone knows that NARS Orgasm is one of the most famous blushes ever and there are so many dupes out there. For MMU lovers, the most famouse dupe is Lumiere Ditto "O". So here is a swatch of Ditto "O" on the left and NARS Orgasm to the right.

My camera is not that good, so I'll try to explain the differences and similarities. Both are actually very pigmented, but Lumiere doesn't always last the whole day with me. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. As we all know, NARS has awesome staying power. NARS is a tad more pinkish in person than Lumiere. Both are shimmery but NARS' shimmer is more golden than Lumiere. Dupe or no dupe, I find that Lumiere Ditto "O" is a great blush to have though. I even know some people who prefer Ditto "O" over Orgasm.

Other MMU dupes of NARS Orgasm:

Silk Naturals Climax - I actually have this but I can't find it. This is NARS Orgasm with a hint of plum. Still a pretty color though.

Lauress Uninhibited - I don't have this. They say it's slightly lighter than NARS Orgasm.

Anyway, I hope this post helped some people who are looking for an MMU alternative to NARS Orgasm. Have a nice night everyone!


Pammy said...

I don't think Ditto O is a dupe or NARS O but it was my fave mmu blush way back when I was still into mmu. It's one of the few mmu's I have left. It's pretty in its own way :)

Crystal said...

i agree nga it's pretty whether or not it's a dupe of not but most people think it's a dupe and i think it's mean to be a dupe, hence the name :)

Khymm said...

hehe. dami talagang dupes yung O! =) sis, ill update you if nandito na yung Top coat ha =)

Leah said...

I use Nars Orgasm and this can be a good substitute. Thanks for the review sweetie. xoxo

Crystal said...

khymm, no prob. can't wait!

leah, yeah this is a cheaper substitute and staying power is good too :)

potenta said...

my sister has's really usefull :)

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