Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recent Hauls

Last Tuesday was our concert in Shangri-La Mall, so before our call time, I stopped by Nikki's (askmewhats) office to get one set of art pens from her. It was my first time to meet her and she was so nice! Of course, I admired her nail art which is lovely as usual. Anyway, I bought these art pens because I want to learn how to do my own nail art since going to salons to have it done is quite costly.

Here is a pic of my nail art pens:

There are 24 pens in all and she gave a nail dotting pen free.

Here's another look at my lovely nail art pens:

I can't wait to create my own nail art. Aside from these pens, I'll be purchasing other materials for my nail art.

Anyway, after I left Nikki's office, I went to Shangri-La Plaza. During our break, I went around the mall and lookie what I bought from Rustan's:

Another Orly nail polish in Catch the Bouquet. I also wanted to buy the Orly Spritz Dry but decided not to to save on expenses. However, it would turn out that I would regret not buying it because the next time I did my nails, the polish took forever to dry! I'll be buying the Spritz Dry one day, unless of course someone can recommend a good spray-on nail dryer.

Aside from my Orly nail polish, finally bought myself a Belle de Jour planner, which I've been lemming for since last month. This was the last copy in National Bookstore.

I was deciding between this and the Cosmo Date book. The Cosmo Date Book is only P200 (around $4) while the Belle de Jour is P598 (around $12). They're both really girly and have discount coupons, although the Belle de Jour has more. However, the reason why I decided to buy the Belle de Jour was because it had better binding and a hard cover while the Cosmo Date Book's cover was just made of thin cardboard. I felt that it wouldn't last the year if it was in my bag. It's good, though, if you plan to just leave it in your study/office desk. However, Belle de Jour is better if you plan to take this with you wherever you go like I do.

Regarding the coupons, I'm probably not going to be able to use most of them because most of the coupons are only good for regular-prized items. And I'm not the type who buys something regular-prized when it comes to clothes, bags and shoes. Although the coupons of BDJ are more than the ones from Cosmo, there are similar coupons though.

As for the Starbucks Planner, I don't plan to buy one in the next 10 years because it's really hard to gulp down 16 cups of expensive coffee in 2 months!

Anyway, I finally got home today and look what I found waiting for me: my Aromaleigh Haul! This haul was a pool order with Rebecca (newbietobeauty) and Micah (hoarder from GT). We ordered during the end of November sale.

The sticker on the pot is really cute. Here is how my haul looked like:

Here is what I got, a FS of URFP in Peaches and Cream and 5 mini jars of Illuminating Perle Powders in Kindle, Tickle, Whisper, Splendor and Allure. The Perle Powders are so pretty! I wanted to get more actually but it was going to be too expensive already so I got these top 5 which I felt was going to be the most useful for me.

Anyway, that's my haul! Merry Christmas again!


nikkiz. said...

I love, love AL's Perle powders (and the Coquille powders too).

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i also like the coquille powders but i decided not to get them since i only use a small amount and i don't use them often. plus, i already spent a lot on those perle powders.

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