Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Lemmings!

I know I just finished my Christmas shopping but all this blog-hopping has left me lemming for some eye products!

Do I want the Aromaleigh Pure Drama Eyeliners (that I've been lemming for since I read Phoebe's blog)? They're really pretty.

photo taken from

Or the Coastal Scents Gel liners that I saw swatches of in another blog?

photo taken from

Or both?

It's a good thing none of these two companies are on sale right now so my wallet can rest for a little while. I might decide to wait for a sale.

I'm also lemming for a brush belt/case and a train case. I use a toolbox, but my stuff can't fit there anymore. Regarding the brush belt/case, I don't know which one to buy. Can anyone recommend a good one?

Of course, I'm also starting to collect more nail products, which I'll post in the next few days.

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