Monday, December 22, 2008

Hauls from AWG and Lumiere

My packages from Adorned with Grace (AWG) and Lumiere arrived a few days ago on the same day. At last I finally got my hands on them! I ordered a duo fiber brush (I read that it's the same one from SN) and the 15 samples for $12 dollars. Franchesca's shipping is really affordable. $2.00 only! One of the cheapest I've encountered.

Anyway, I opened the paper wrapping the duo fiber brush and found that this was tiny and I do mean TINEEEY! However, Aileen said that it's great for using glows so I hope this will work for me. I hurriedly washed it so I could start using it. Just so you could see how small this brush it i held it in my hand (which is small, by the way) for comparison:

Here are my samples. They were vacuum sealed. Anyway, since I've been busy these days, I didn't have time to open and sample them. I'll sample them on a later date and blog about it next time. Franchesca also gave a sample of her Celestial Silkening Powder.

Moving on, I also ordered from Lumiere during their November sale. It was sad because they were still selling these in vials during this time, so I paid a little extra for insurance in case they got damaged during shipment.

Here's how my package looked like:

Inside were three vials. One was a blush in Ditto "O" and two were finishing powders in Veena Silk Powder and Veena Veil.

I feel a little sad because I should have waited a little longer had I known that they were going to revert back to selling their minerals in jars. Oh well, at least I have something different in my makeup kit.

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