Monday, December 29, 2008

First Impressions: Skin Hour Revitaleyes Eye Balm

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Product description:
An unscented eye balm applied under the eye during the night to diminish puffiness, firm skin and reduce lines. It also lightens dark circles and moisturizes the most sensitive area of the eye.

Organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil, coconut stearate, collagen, vitamin k, calendula extract, vitamin e, grapefruit extract and orris root extract

Being a full-time student and a working only part time, I can't afford really expensive eye creams, so I'm on the lookout for an affordable eye cream that delivers.

I bought this during the Mineral Makeup Weekend because of good reviews. I've been using it for around a week now. My first impression is that the product is quite greasy because of the oils so I recommend that this should only be applied at night. Well, that's what it says in the product description, too. It's quite rich and doesn't feel light on the skin, being a balm and not a cream. However, after applying it for a few days straight, I noticed that my eye area is really moisturized! The texture has changed. My undereye area is smoother. I haven't noticed if any of my lines have been reduced since I've only been using this for a week. I also can't tell if it has diminished the puffiness of my eyes because I've been sleeping late lately. I'll have to use this for a longer period of time to see what happens.

The best thing about this product, though, is that it's organic! As you can see, there are no preservatives. All the ingredients are beneficial to the skin. And it's only P100! Very affordable. For its price, it's a very good product. As I wrote earlier, I still have to see regarding it's effects on lines, dark circles and puffiness, but it's a terrific moisturizer. My eye area has never looked better.


Askmewhats said...

indeed affordable for an organic product :) thanks for the review :) said...

where can i buy this product? thanks

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