Sunday, December 21, 2008

My EG Minerals Haul

Finally, the samples I ordered from EG arrived some time this week. When I opened the envelope, this is what was inside:

I ordered 2 sets of the Get Acquainted Kit plus some glows and an eyeliner. I got the Beautiful e/s as a freebie. The foundations I ordered were Jocelyn, Jeanne, Ria, Mia, De Anna and Jin. Jocelyn, Jeanne and Ria were too dark for me. De Anna is an okay match but my best matches are Jin and Mia. I honestly have a hard time deciding which is better because they're very close to each other and both of them suit my skintone well. I also ordered their HD powder, which is getting a lot of raves although some say it's the same as AL URFP in clear.

I ordered two blushes: South Pacific Dawn and Strawberries N Cream. I chose South Pacific Dawn because I saw it in Nikkiz' (notjustminerals) blog and it looked like a good color. When I swatched it, I was right. What a pretty color! It reminds me of Cory's Luminee blush. It's a peach-y shimmery shade. The blushes are very pigmented so a little will go a long way. The Strawberries N Cream is a light but bright pink. I reckon I can use it but in small amounts only. When I went to take a bath after swatching the blushes, I had a hard time scrubbing it off, so yeah, I had a feeling that it would stick to my skin really well.

Here are the swatches of the two blushes:

from left to right: South Pacific Dawn, Strawberries N Cream

That same day, since I was really excited, I used the EG products on my face right away. When I tried the South Pacific Dawn on my face, I liked the color even more. It looked really natural on my face.

Here's an FOTD using EG foundation, HD powder and blush:


  • Bare Naturals S5 Primer
  • Sweetscents Hide-a-pore in Medium
  • EG Youthful Glow Formula Foundation in Jin
  • EG High Definition Powder


  • Monave Lid Wash in Buttercup
  • Ellana Awake Undereye Concealer


  • South Pacific Dawn


  • Ellana Liquid Lip Color in Allure

*EDIT: The EG foundation i'm wearing is in Youthful Glow, not in Cover Me.*


grace_OD said...

sis, you look flawless ah! with that review, i cant wait for a BOGO sale for the blushes and the high definition pro powder.

nikkiz. said...

I love the blush shade too. Try mo din yun soft matte shades, they're lovely.
I think Jin and Mia are in the Youthful Glow formulas? I match them too although I prefer the Cover Me formula since it's heavier and more matte. I initially matched Deanna but now it's light on me and I now match Helena and Yuan Yuan.

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

Grace, nice talaga yung south pacific dawn.

nikkiz, you're right, i checked the site again and jin and mia are youthful glow foundies. halo pala yung naorder ko i forgot. darn, akala ko pa naman i found my match :P nevertheless i liked youthful glow pa rin! parang ang glowing ng face ko. i'll try helena and yuan yuan too since most people are matches with this :P thanks for the correction.

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