Monday, November 03, 2008

Review: Cyleina Black Pearl Soap

I've been selling Cyleina Organic Soaps for a year now. I do this mainly as a hobby and as a way for me to spend less on these soaps. There are many different variants but my favorite is really the Black Pearl soap!

I'm not really after whitening my skin. I'm pretty happy with my color, but since I'm always out in the sun (because of walking and all that), I find myself getting darker all the time. So I started using whitening soaps to maintain my color. Then, I found Cyleina Organic Soaps. I tried them and liked them.

These babies sell out fast! Right now it's out of stock, so I'm really holding on to my last small soap. This is the only whitening soap that doesn't cause flakiness in my skin. When I run out of soap, I use other facial washes or soaps around the house and after one or to days, I'll notice that there's already some flaking in my cheeks! Ang dyahe when I use mineral foundation. It makes the flakiness even more obvious. I end up returning to this soap over and over again. Even my oil-mine face needs moisture and I don't get it from other whitening soaps since a lot of them are drying. I also notice that my face is smoother because of this soap.

I got even more addicted when Ate Leigh (the owner) added mint to it's formulation! I'm addicted to mint and now, I really look forward to washing my face knowing that it'll leave a cool feeling in my skin. The downside of this soap, however, is that you have to make sure that you wash it well after every use or else the watermarks are really obvious. Another downside is that if your bathroom is a very moist place, it tends to turn gray and soft. Be sure to leave it in a place where it can dry.

Well, no soap is perfect, but this soap works well for me! It's a little expensive for P60 for a small soap that is just a mere 45 grams, but it lasts me 2 months if used on my face alone. If used on the body? Well that's a different story.


jannike tan said...

wow promising! how can i buy from you sis?

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

hi sis! black pearls are out of stock right now. i wish magkaroon sila soon though. i've been waiting for quite sometime already.

joee said...

By any chance do you do meet ups in UST?

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