Monday, November 10, 2008

Rave: Myra E Hand and Body Lotion

I just grabbed this when I was in the grocery because I was looking for a lotion that was small enough to be carried around in my bag. Little did I know that this was a keeper.
This is such a steal for P33 (around $0.70) for 50 ml. Normally, non-greasy lotions are almost watery that, yes, you get the moisture but it's like you're putting on water with a little cream. You don't feel soft and silky. On the other end, most lotions give you a soft and silky feeling but you end up with sticky hands. This lotion is just right, you don't feel like you're putting water, you get soft and silky skin but is absolutely dry to the touch. I don't worry about not being able to hold things properly because of my lotion.
The only downside is that this lotion smells pretty strong when you first apply it, but it becomes mild after the lotion dries.

Would I buy this again? Definitely! This is a great find for such a small price.

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