Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Helping a newbie with MMU and my brush haul

I have a friend who has watched me put on MMU everyday and always commented on how fresh I look and how come I don't get pimples even when I use it everyday. So now, she finally decided to buy her own MMU. After a couple of weeks of planning, we finally to try the new primer from Bare Naturals and their flat top brush (since this is said to be very similar if not exactly the same as the EDM flat top). She was on a budget; she just wanted to spend a total of 2k. She is going to order the 2 products from BN and then today, we went to the Ellana showroom in West Ave.

I recommended Ellana to her because, first, it's readily available, second, they have a showroom so she can actually sample the products, and third, a little money can go a long way.

We really took our time there, trying so many different products. So after about an hour in there, she finally decided on full sizes of Toffee Mocha intensive coverage foundation, Espresso con Panna finishing powder, smile undereye concealer and a sample blush in harmony. She also couldn't resist getting the makeup remover which she really liked the smell of, and the baby buki, so that she could bring it with her. She actually wanted a retractable brush, because she saw mine. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. *Sad*

Of course, though, she can't use the foundation until she gets the FT from BN. She can't wait though. She wanted to get a little more products, but since she was on a budget, she decided not to.

Here is the pic of her haul:

She also got an extra foundation sample of toffee mocha. Her total wallet damage: around P1,500 (around $30.00). With the other items she ordered from BN, her total wallet damage will be around P2,200 (around $44). Not bad for someone who's on a budget.

Of course, since I was there, I couldn't resist buying some for me, too.

Here's what I got: sample sizes of heaven and happiness blush and a full size of fulfillment blush (I would have gotten a sample size but they were all out). I liked these colors but I only got sample sizes because I wanted to see how long they would last on my oily skin. I also got a sample size of their new high definition powder to see if it has good oil control. I know I'm on a lippie no-buy but I couldn't resist buying a liquid lip color in allure. I also would have bought it in lovely but they didn't have any new stock. LOL. Thank goodness for that, at least I saved P150 (around $3). I also got a lip scrub in strawberry. Hopefully it works out well for me.

The bulk of my purchase, though, was the buffer brush. This brush is big! I'll use this for days when I'm really in a hurry, since this can cover a lot of areas very quickly. The long handle also makes it easy to use. I'm getting this instead of the TBS kabuki brush because of some reports that it sheds. :(

Total wallet damage: P1500 (around $30)

Of course, my haul didn't stop there. After that, I went to the mall and got myself the following brushes:

from left to right: Elianto eyeliner brush, Elianto big blender brush, ELF eyeshadow brush and Bloom Blush Brush.

Because of all the raves and a lot of convincing in Girltalk, I finally bought myself the Bloom Blush Brush. Wow! This brush really IS soft! I can't wait to use this. I also realized that I need more eyeshadow brushes so after reading different blogs, I got myself the ELF eyeshadow brush which is getting a lot of raves, too. I also went to Elianto and thought about which brushes do I need so I ended up getting the eyeliner brush and the big blender brush since I don't have brushes like these yet. Despite the raves for the flat brush, I decided not to get it (at the moment) because it looked very similar to the ELF eyeshadow brush and the ELF is almost half the price.

So there. Yeah, I spent a LOT of money today. I'm done for this year's brush haul. I can now cross some items off my Christmas wishlist.

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