Monday, November 03, 2008

Introducing Me!

I'm Crystal. I'm about to graduate from college (at last) so I'm really excited to start this blog. I've been doing a lot of blog-hopping lately and I thought of starting my own blog! Being a student, I'm on a budget so I can't always afford the things that I want; but that doesn't mean that I can't stop myself from splurging from time-to-time (Thank goodness for all the part-time work that I do).

I love, love, love mineral make-up! I have a lot of foundations, finishing powders and lippies. I don't have much blushes and almost no mineral e/s. Well, since I'm just a college girl eyeshadows aren't really necessary. I only use eyeshadows on special occasions or on days that I want to feel pretty! Because of this, I don't feel the necessity to buy lots of eyeshadows so I just use my CS 88 shimmer palette (and the CS neutral palette which will be arriving soon). Except for eyeshadows, almost all the make-up I use is mineral except for MAC Blot that I put on top of my finishing powder because no mineral finishing powder has better oil control than MAC! lol. My face is such an oil-mine.

Aside from mineral makeup, I love skincare. I believe that prevention is key so as early as now I use a regimen that works for me. Since my skin is oily and acne-prone, everything I use is oil-free. I also try to incorporate anti-aging products.

I'll be blogging mostly about mineral makeup and skincare and bath products, but once in a while I"m probably going to blog about random stuff. Well, that's all I can say for now. Enjoy my blog!


katiztic from GT said...

*hi sis* kat here. hehehe. sa wakas, nakita na kita. kamukha mo si gretchen barreto. =) hehehe. hugs! ingat!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

hahaha! thanks sis! aww naflattened naman ako! wahahaha! thanks for visiting my blog. ingat ka rin. hugzzz!

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