Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dayna's Loot!

This is how my Dayna's package looked like when it arrived a few days ago! So neat! Dayna even wrote me a little note.

From left to right top: Golden Zephyr Glow, Finish line Glow/Vellum, Illumination Glow, Golden Summer Glow, G2 foundation, LG2 foundation
bottom: Whisper Pink Glow, Cloud Nine Glow, Bronzed Goddess Glow, Violet Vesper Glow, Peachy Sheen Glow

I tried swatching the glows but as I expected, it was too light to come up on camera. The glows are so pretty! I haven't tried them on my face yet, but on my hand they were all so nice that I can't say what my favorite is. The only glow that I didn't fancy was the Bronzed Goddess Glow, since I found it too dark for my skintone and I'm not fond of bronzers anyway. I actually got 8 glows from her (she has 9). The only one I didn't get was the darkest glow. My only lament is that each sample is just slightly more than 1/8 tsp (at least to me). She gave me a Finish Line Glow/Vellum as a freebie.

I only got one shade of the foundation which is G2, because most girltalkers recommended this shade for me, plus I couldn't decide which shade would be suitable for me based on the website's descriptions. But Dayna was kind enough to give me another shade of foundation which is LG2. G2 and LG2 are actually very similar and I can wear them both. I think that the difference between the 2 shades is that G2 is more yellowish? I can't be sure yet. I haven't decided which shade would be better for me. I already tried them on my face and so far I'm liking it. It's dewy with medium to heavy coverage. I still have to wear them for the whole day to see how it will hold up.

All-in-all, this was really worth the wait. These babies look very promising and I'm most likely to get some bigger jars very soon.

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