Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tools for Volumized Hair: Volume Hair Base Review

Hello everyone! So now, I'm here for part two of my Tools for Volumized Hair special. Another tool to volumize hair without teasing that is getting quite popular locally is something called the volume hair base. I've seen this being sold on facebook locally, but I was finally able to get my hands on it when I went to Hong Kong last June at a cheaper price! Since I've been looking for ways to volumize my hair without teasing, I was eager to try this out.

This usually comes in sets of two. The volume hair base is a sort of velcro sponge that is placed near the crown of the head to give the illusion of more volume. One piece won't give you a beehive hairdo, but it certainly adds more volume. 

  • The velcro has a good grip on my hair
  • It's not hard to cover it up with my hair, because it blends in well with dark hair
  • The bump doesn't look unnatural

  • People with dark hair might have trouble covering this up
  • For super big hairdos, teasing is still needed
  • A little bit expensive for something that didn't cost much to make, but better to spend on this than damage your hair from teasing.

Conclusion: Between this and bumpits, this is definitely the winner for me!

Will I buy this again? Hopefully I won't need to if I don't lose them.
Where to buy: Online resellers for around P170-250 for one set.

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notamakeupguru said...

I have been searching or this locally. couldn't find it.

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