Monday, September 12, 2011

Serious Talk: Why I Don't Do EOTDs Anymore

Hello everyone! I'd like to start the week with something a little bit serious. Back when I was just starting with makeup, I really didn't know anything about using eyeshadow, and I experimented eagerly with different eye looks. Eventually, as my makeup addiction heightened, I studied professional makeup. However, now, I almost never present EOTDs anymore, which may look ironic. Now that my eyeshadow skills have improved, that's when I stop posting EOTDs? I still show FOTDs sometimes, but don't focus on eye makeup anymore. That's because my eye makeup is really simple. Why? I have realized that my eyelids are extremely uneven. Actually, I only have a double lid on one eye. The other eye is a monolid. It's not just that one eye has a bigger lid than the other, one eye has no lid at all! This has frustrated me to no end, and the only way to even out my eyes with makeup is to put an absurd amount of eyeliner in one eye (putting very thick falsies also helps camouflage the problem). Of course, I don't want to to that. I've tried eyelid tape but it looks very unnatural, and I don't want to use eyelid glue because I'm afraid of the wrinkles I can get from all that tugging.

This dilemma has frustrated me to no end, which brings me to another topic: cosmetic surgery. I'm contemplating getting blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) in the future to correct this problem. I know my eyelids aren't as big of a deal as I'm making it, after all, we all tend to amplify our flaws. This flaw in particular really bugs me, and I might just be willing to go under the knife for this. I don't plan to get it anytime soon, but maybe in the future.

I'm still thinking about this really hard. What are your thoughts about this?


Pammy said...

Noooo! Your eyes are already pretty just the way they are! Madami tayo na hindi kita yung crease. And yung right eye ko is smaller than my left eye and mas walang crease sya. You're not alone on that.

But then if it really bothers you a lot and if you think you really have to go under the knife in the future to make eyeshadow application so much easier for you, gora! Kung saan ka masaya, suportahan kita. Haha! Basta find a very reliable surgeon ha! :)

Askmewhats said...

Ako din! I agree with pammy, I've seen you in person na and you look gorgeous just the way you are (shucks, parang kanta lang) Pero of course, its always going to be your decision at the end of the day! pero I don't agree when you say its uneven, I know it is uneven but that's not the focus when I look at your face! it's your overall giddy smile! :)

Pammy said...

Nikki, ditto! Ang pretty pretty kaya, when you smile, your eyes smile too! You're the lighter Precious Lara Quigaman. :P

Crystal said...

thank you pammy and nikki! nabuhayan ako with what both of you said :)

MereMakeupManiac said...

my vote is No too. why repair something that isn't broken ika nga. ;) what's great about makeup is that it should emphasize our beauty and hide our flaws. i've also problems with uneven eye, i don't think many women have very even eyes - it's the same case with our breasts, oops haha medyo censored, but yeah that's true. besides sis, letting out the beautiful in you from inside out and it will reflect effortlessly, no matter how the makeup is applied imo. stay positive about yourself, we are all beautiful in our own ways - even with our flaws! ^_^


uy FOTD na ulit yan si Crystal! :D

herroyalbleakness said...

I'm voting NO, too. Why?

1. tipid sa pera. ibili nalang ng makeup yan.
2. lesser risk of getting infection or some same sort of condition
3. a lot of Pinays have the same type of eyes you have (have u read my series of posts about how i hated my monolids) and will benefit a lot if you post your EOTD's. the usual ones we see on blogs have deeply set eyes so maganda tignan pero irrelevant for us
4. what's up with Vicki B's eyes? im not very sure though if bleph is the root of it, but hey, you wouldn't want to look that way too in the long run, right?
5. If you can, check out I love Rae (the blogger) and she has monolids too. Nakakainspire talaga her EOTD's, I tell you.

Hope my opinion helps in addition to Pammy's, Nikki's and Mheann's.

BIANCA: said...

my eyes aren't exactly monolid, but the eyelids that i originally had folded in a proportion wherein the covered part is almost invisible when my eyes are opened. but then a very large sty grew on my right eyelid and stayed there for a long time. so long that it trained the upper fold to not cover the "second" part of my eyelid too much, giving visibility to my double lids when the sty was gone. i didn't realize it had a great impact until i started focusing on eye make up, especially eyeliner. eyeliner is visible on my right eye while the eyeliner on my left eye is just covered with the double lid. and since my eyelids are very oily, eyeliners barely stay on my left eye while they stay brilliant on my right eye. and i've seriously thought about blepharoplasty too after eye tape and eye glue made it worse. however, hubby disapproves of it, thinking i'm insanely vain.

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