Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tools for Volumized Hair: Bumpits Review

This is going to be a two-part special on tools used to volumize hair. No, I'm not talking about hairspray, I'm talking about actual hair inserts. For the first part, I will be reviewing the popular Bumpits.

What the product says:

*Comfortable,leave-in, self-gripping, hidden inserts
*Create perfect volume every time!
*For classic volume in crown, try bumpits
*Instructions are included
*Easy to create dozens of styles
*Made in China

At first, this was being marketed as something that didn't require any teasing. They eventually dropped that, because if you read the instructions inside, it does require teasing.

Bumpits are available in three colors to match hair color: blonde, brunette and black. It comes with 5 pieces: One extra large one, two large ones and two small ones. I bought mine from a local reseller from Ebay. For the life of me, I really don't understand why they'd send me a blonde-colored one, knowing that Filipinas have black hair, and also the picture they had showed black bumpits. Anyway, moving on to the actual using of the product.

I find that you really have to tease a lot when using this product, or else you will create an odd bump like having a headband inside your hair. It's also pretty hard to cover up the bumpit. Even if I used a black bumpit, I imagine that the shiny plastic will still show through the hair. Maybe this will work if there are hair extensions on the top part of your head, but without them you'll have to have a LOT of hair to cover this one up.

I haven't used this going out and I probably never will as I find them difficult to use.

How about you? Do you have these? Have you used it? How do you find them. Please share your thoughts.

Stay tune as I review another tool for volumizing hair.


Issa said...

i tried to use this once but didn't succeed because you have to have thick hair to cover the bumpits....it shows when i tried using it...

Askmewhats said...

ah if teasing is still needed, ayaw ko na! I try not to tease too much but if teasing is still needed, I think that's enough to create a nice bump :D

Crystal said...

@issa, i experienced the same problem :(

@nikki, haha huwag na lang!

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