Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Would you rather be skinny with an ugly face or fat with a pretty face?

fat with a pretty face, because i can lose the fat anyway :)

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Tamara said...

I'd rather be fat with a pretty face.
I can lose weight.
Tho skinny bitc*es get most looks even if they are ugly in the face :))

Don't get me wrong, I really like skinny girls, but guys are sometimes really unreasonable.

Crystal said...

tamara, i know what you mean, but i'd still rather be fat with a pretty face.

and besides, being skinny isn't forever but you'll always have your pretty face :)

Sarah said...

Yup I agree, fat with a pretty face! You know the nasty narky comment girls use... "I may be fat but you're ugly and no amount of exercise is gonna change that".

Crystal said...

sarah, wahahah! that really made me laugh! but you're right though.

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