Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Product Review: Dollface Cosmetics 15-pc Concealer Palette

Happy Tuesday everyone! Many of you will be off work in a few days. As for me, I just came home from my second pixel session and my face hurts :( So I will be hiding out in my house for a few days because I look really scary right now.

Anyway, I'm off to review Dollface Cosmetics' 15-pc Concealer Palette

photo taken from www.dollfacecosmetics.com.ph
When I went to makeup school, I started stocking up on things that I didn't have. One of those things that I didn't have was multiple colors of concealer. Good thing that a few days before that, Dollface Cosmetics was having a bazaar. I didn't think twice about going.

At first, I was torn between this and the 10-pc concealer, but I eventually decided to get this, because it had more shades and costed less, although the 10-pc concealer had bigger pans. 

One thing to note, the colors in the pan are not completely warm-they're a  tiny bit cool-toned. Which is actually good for covering up dark circles and discolorations in the face, since salmon-colored concealers are better than for dark spots than warm concealers. Don't worry, though, because the coolness is very slight so you can still use this for blemishes, and it does a good job at it. If you want to make the concealer even warmer, you can always mix in some yellow concealer that's part of the palette. Lasting power is decent, maybe 3-5 hours in our humid weather.

Note: I'm not really sure why they included a silver shimmery color, but I can find other uses for it so that's fine, but I'd rather that they replaced that shade with orange instead.

So here are the pros and cons:

  • many colors in the palette for an affordable price
  • it comes with color correctors in green and purple
  • offers medium coverage
  • this palette can also be used for contouring

  • cakes if too much is applied
  • can settle into fine lines
  • in our humid weather, it can still get streaky even after set with loose powder, but this can be easily remedied by brushing through it once again to smoothen it out
  • I wish it came with an orange color corrector

  • always set this with loose powder after
  • apply little by little to avoid caking :)

The verdict: This is a great palette for those who are in makeup school and for the beginning make-up artist, but I plan to upgrade after this palette :)


ning * star said...

oh,I'm having hard time to search concealer. ha... have u tried CS concealer?

Crystal said...

no i haven't because i chose this over CS. :)

bylaurenluke said...

I like Dollface, but I also like YouTube makeup artist Lauren Luke's (aka Panacea81) full-face makeup palettes. They are reasonably priced and of good quality

Crystal said...

hey laurenluke, do these ship to the philippines by any chance?

Sush said...

i didnt get to try this as I was pretty happy with my cinema secrets conceale. But i think this is a good palette for those who are in need of a lot of shades with limited budget, especially those who are taking makeup classes =)

Crystal said...

sush, i also have a cinema secrets concealer palette, but 5 shades is not enough for me so i went ahead and bought this one.

Taj Acosta said...

This is great info. I'm glad that you mentioned the humidity factor in your review because that is key for me. Will check it out. Great blog doll ;) xoxo

Crystal said...

taj acosta, thank you gurl!

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