Saturday, February 07, 2009

Soap Opera Mini Haul

I got two scrubs from Soap Opera today. The one
on the left is the Power Whitening Scrub. This is my second tub already. This tub is supposedly good for three months if used twice a week on the whole body. I'm not quite sure how long it lasted on me. It's a little pricey for a body scrub at P500 (around $10), but I like how it's not so harsh, it leaves my skin moisturized and the smell is not bad either! Regarding the whitening effect, I'm not sure if it makes any difference since I'm always out in the sun anyway!

The scrub on the right is the Small Wonder Daily Cleansing Facial Scrub. I asked the sales lady and she told me that the active ingredient is Vitamin A (so it's actually retinol). This will be my first retinol product so I have to see how it goes. This little scrub costs P275 (around $5.50). I hope this will help my face stay clear all the time as well as brighten it up!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I've always been curious about soap opera as I see their kiosks in a lot of malls. Enjoy your haul!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

^soap opera is slowly gaining popularity. their soaps are a little expensive though.

ca i t l i n said...

OOOH.. I've tried their soaps and their scrub. Yup it's expensive (soaps is around 150 and their scrubs 200+) it's soo... addicting :) soap opera is such a lustful treat and effective (for me hehe) :D
bloghopping here.

Serenity within Serenity said...

Love their power whitening and their soaps are good for the skin.
Soap Opera is sobrang sulit and effective.

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