Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aromaleigh Pure Drama Eyeliner

from left to right: blue, cocoa, copper, green, red, silver, teal, topaz, violet

Phoebe ( was selling her set of samples of Aromaleigh Pure Drama Eyeliners. I've been lemming for them since I saw them on her blog so I haaad to get them. I couldn't get the colors to show up well on cam, I'm sorry I should have used my other camera. The differences for each color are more obvious in person. They're much prettier in person. All of them are swatched dry BTW. I already have my favorites: silver, cocoa, teal and topaz. Now, if only I can get my hands on an eyeliner sealant or UDPP to make sure that it stays put.

Phoebe also included two AL sample e/s. One is a Le Mystere which I haven't swatched yet, but the one above is a picture of the e/s in Blast from the Elemental Luster Eye Collection. I couldn't get it also to show up properly (darn!) but this is really more of a gold in person. Real pretty!


Askmewhats said...

can't wait how it hold up to your lids and waterline :)

thanks for the swatches :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great product! Do an EOTD! :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

^lol! i've never tried doing EOTDs before. i'm not confident in my e/s application skills.

^^nikki, i'm still afraid to try it. but i will!

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! I would suggest you get Aromaleigh's eyeliner's the best e/s sealant I've can keep my eyeshadow/liner for more than 24 hours! And I'm oily :)

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