Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ask Me Whats Seminar for a Cause Photos

Yesterday was Nikki's Ask Me Whats Seminar for a Cause. As I have posted before, all the proceeds will be used to help Judith's hospital bills. I'm so proud of Nikki for doing this! She's using her talent to help others!

The attendees (aside from me) were Gale (galelovescolors), Rhea (did I spell your name right?), Shen (shensaddiction) and Nina. Also present were the hubbies! Keith (Nikki's hubby) and Nap (Rhea's hubby).

Here are some photos from the workshop. I'm sorry I wasn't able to take any more.

These are pictures of Nikki working it! She did a great job on all of us. I love the smokey look she did on Gale!

Here's a pic of me wearing nothing but foundation and eye makeup. My eye makeup looks brown on picture (because of bad lighting). Yeah, I'm no photographer. In person, it's really pretty! It was a combination of fuchsia, gold and black. Nikki showed us how to draw eyelids. It's really useful for me since I'm very single-lidded.

One more perk I got from this workshop is that I got to try on different products that I've been curious about. These include Smashbox Photo Light Primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Painterly (c/o Gale), Urban Decay Eyeshadows, Urban Decay 24/7 liners, Stila Smudgepots and and Paul and Joe Eyeliner.

Here is what I found: the Smashbox Primer is good for controlling the oilies, but for now I think I'll stick to my primers since I have a lot left and Smashbox is pricey. The products in my eyes were amazing! I have really oily lids and I can't get anything to stay put but with UDPP in my left eye and MAC Painterly on the other, my eye makeup stayed put! After 9 hours, my eyeshadow was perfectly intact on both eyes. The Stila Smudgepots (which was on my upper lashline) stayed perfectly in my left eye but in my right eye, it creased a teensy weensy bit. It was almost invisible though. As of now I can't blame the MAC Painterly because my right eye is slightly more single-lidded than my left eye, so things really have a harder time staying put on my right eye than on my left. I have to try both UDPP and MAC Painterly one more time (on both eyes) to really see which one works better for me. On my lower lashline, Nikki used a Black Paul and Joe eyeliner for the outer 3/4 of my eye and then Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Yeyo (white) for the inner 1/4. She earlier told me that Urban Decay 24/7 smudged on her waterline so it was probably going to smudge on me too. She recommended that Paul and Joe might be a better choice. However, I checked my makeup 9 hours later (I intentionally left it that long to see how they perform) and found that the Paul and Joe eyeliner was almost completely gone while the Urban Decay liner stayed put! No smudging. What a surprise. The opposite thing happened with Nikki and I! I've already been lemming for Stila smudgepots and Urban Decay 24/7 even before this, but after what happened, I really want it! At the end of the day, I felt sorry about taking my makeup off because of the excellent staying power. I love it!

Anyway, my only regret is that I didn't get to try on the Coastal Scents Gel Liners. It slipped my mind. Oh well, next time.

Nikki, thanks for the fun and educational seminar. I'm sure Judith and her family really appreciate what you're doing.


Soapaholic said...

Hmm, you got me curious about the Smashbox Primer. That's in my wishlist now. Hehe.:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! looks like you had fun at Nikki's seminar! Sad I wasn't able to sign up for it as I had a scheduled family thing that day :(

Crystal Gale said...

It was so much fun meeting you last Saturday..I had a great time :)

hmm, I'm also lemming for the Paul & Joe curling mascara Nikki used on bad for our pockets lol

nikkiz. said...

Sorry I missed this event.

Urban Decay is the best eye primer for me too. MAC paintpots also crease on me and are so hard to blend.

Yas said...

Hey babe! You guys are all so wonderful and I have so much respect for you all supporting this cause. I'm just gobbling up reading about how much fun all of you had at this event! The makeup turned out beautiful on you babe!

Shades Of U said...

Girl you look so pretty!!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

soapaholic, there are a lot of good reviews about the smashbox primer. if you don't mind splurging a bit, this is worth checking out.

lootwagon, ok lang sis. next time come join us.

gale, it was fun finally meeting you too! see you soon!

nikkiz, urban decay is really great noh?

yas and aileen, thank you so much!

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