Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Why I Haven't Been Blogging

Hello pretty people! I have to apologize for not blogging recently, but for the past week I have been battling cellulitis. It began as a simple bite (most likely by a cockroach) but got infected by some bacteria. I actually have a feeling that the bacteria itself came from the cockroach. We never know where it's been! That same day, I had a hard lump that was around 1x1 inch and painful. The next day, I could barely walk going home so I passed by a doctor she diagnosed it as cellulitis (which confirmed what I had searched in the internet). My bump had grown more than twice its size. The doctor started me on a regimen of oral and topical antibiotics, but for several days it still continued to grow. My foot had really swollen, too. I had a hard time walking for days and sometimes, I was confined to the bed. It's only now that I'm already walking properly, although my leg hasn't healed yet. I still experience some pain. But as of today, I am back to work. Hopefully, my leg will continue healing soon and I can start blogging again. 

'Til Then!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's awful
i hope that you really get well,sweetie!

that happened to me too
i don't know where the heck the roach could have entered but i was shocked to find out that big red bump on my thigh area.

Issa said...

get well soon! glad you're doing ok now :)

MereMakeupManiac said...

i can relate to medical issues... pagaling ka sis! health is wealth indeed.

Crystal said...

thank you girls!

Pammy said...

I hope you'll keep getting better and better. :)

Bad cockroach!

Askmewhats said...

Oh My sis! If it still grows, that means the antibiotics aren't working! Can you go for 2nd? Or 3rd opinion please? Sorry I don't have much faith in doctors nowadays and I'll always go for 2nd opinions! I pray you get better!!!

Crystal said...

@pammy, haha sana namatay siya sa rabies ko!

@nikki, as of now it's healing already. it's much smaller and i can actually feel it itching na, which is a good sign :) i don't trust doctors either :P

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