Monday, January 10, 2011

My Favorite Moisturizer Gets a Makeover!

I went to Sesou Nature Source in Trinoma to buy what was supposed to be my 4th jar of my favorite moisturizer when I was in a surprise.
Leyende Face Canvas is in a jar no more! No more unsanitary dipping, which shortens the life span of your product because of bacteria. This is especially necessary for organic products. Now I'm more confident that my moisturizer will last!

I've said many times how much I love this moisturizer! Although Leyende is more expensive than most local organic brands, P550 for 100 ml is seriously not bad! I'm very happy that Leyende place it in a tube. 

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Have a nice day!


Ida said...

I think the new packaging and labels for the Leyende products are cute. I got the Clean Slate recently. :) And I agree it's more sanitary for organic facial products to be in tubes!

Crystal said...

I agree cute nga yung new packaging ng leyende!

miemiemie said...

you like etude products ba? kainis talaga. nail polish lang ata kasundo ko sa line nila huhu

Crystal said...

hi sis, i haven't tried that much etude products yet so i can't say that much for their line in general.

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