Friday, October 23, 2009

Product Review: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Hello dearies! How is everyone? Today I'm going to be reviewing Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara.

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When I went to Basement Academy, both my teachers had this and loved this! So, I just HAD to try it out.

This mascara doesn't use the normal comb as its applicator. It uses a comb, which in my opinion lessens clumping as compared to a wand.

So here is the rundown of the pros and cons:

>>does add length and volume (although not insanely dramatic)

>>still clumps a bit but nothing a mascara comb can't fix
>>despite the fact that it's waterproof, it still smudges on me after 5-6 hours because I have really oily lids

Note: this held up well on everyone who tried this except for me. Yes, I'm unbelievably oily.

So to see the effect, here's a picture of my bare lashes curled with my Fanny Serrano eyelash curler:

Here is the effect after one coat of mascara:

Can you see the difference? My lashes definitely became longer and a bit thicker after one coat. I feel that one coat is already enough for me because I really see a big difference!

Will I buy this again? Yes. Because it held up well on everyone except for me, I'll continue using this for other people. But for myself, I have to try another mascara or find a good base/top coat to prevent smudging.


Blue said...

so sad to hear. :( and i thought my lids were the oiliest.. hehe. this smudged big time on me too, and aggravated the darkness around my eyes (i have really bad undereye circles). i won't buy this anymore. back to loreal double extension beauty tubes nalang, smudgeproof talaga.

Tish said...

I've been wanting to try this. I hope it'll work for me.

Askmewhats said...

LOL what's wrong with your eyes?? lol it held on well for everyone except you? now you had me wondering what brand of mascara will be working for you, let me know ok?

Crystal said...

blue, were the same! You're only the 2nd person i know that this didnt work on.

Tish, if you're not that oily, it will probably work for you.

Nikki, there was a loreal mascara that worked for me but i dont see it around now. Blinc kiss me also works :)

Amy said...

Hi :)
I just wanted to let you know I moved into a new blog, I'm not posting in any more, my new blog is:


Ida said...

wow the difference in the before and after pics are quite dramatic. i like that it;s affordable, but i don't like that it smudges. i tend to rub my eyes pretty often kasi :)

Crystal said...

amy, ok i'll update my dashboard :)

ida, if you rub your eyes, maybe this is not the mascara for you to try :P

Angela said...

thanks for the review. i really like the result on you. Im going to pick it up and see if it works on me too.

Im a new follower and love your blog.

Crystal said...

angela, i hope it works on you!

Sush said...

That looks promising. You have really pretty eyes :)

Crystal said...

sush, aww *blushes* LOL

beichubs said...

Sis try mo gumamit ng eye primer whenever using an eyeliner or mascara. I had oily lids too and using a primer really helped my mascara and liner stay put. Im currently using the one by etude house - proof 10 eye primer. This works just as well as UD primer potion but waaaay cheaper. Hope this helps :)

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