Saturday, October 31, 2009

Belle de Jour Event + MusicalfanLovesMinerals Turns 1!

Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I've just been very busy. Last Oct 25, I attended a Belle de Jour Event in Eastwood Mall where there were a lot of freebies like free fortune telling, free ice cream, free massage by The Spa, free hairstyling by Azta, etc. There were also some talks about fashion and beauty and our favorite planner was sold at a special price! The best part is that some of the proceeds of the event were given to the victims of Ondoy.

So why am I rambling?

It will be Musicalfan Loves Minerals' 1 year anniversary soon, so I would like to give one lucky girl her very own Belle de Jour Planner!

photo taken from

So what are the mechanics for this giveaway?

This is open to Philippine residents only. I'm sorry to my international readers, I promise that not all my giveaways will be exclusive to Philippine readers. I'll have something up for you next time :)

How to join:
1. You have to be a follower.
2. You have to answer the question: What is/are your favorite entries in this blog?
3. You can join whether or not you have a blog, but I will be requiring that you have a blogspot account.

For those who DON'T have a blog: You can just leave me a comment answering the question and please leave me your email address (Worth 1 entry).

For those who DO have a blog: You have to repost this in your blog, then leave me a comment answering the question and providing me the link (Worth 2 entries).

This contest will end November 7, 2009 at 11:59 pm.

Good luck everyone!


Gem said...

Hi Crystal! I'm joining your giveaway!

My fave entry on your blog is 'The Beauty List' it's really helpful. Every time I visit your blog, I make sure I check 'the beauty list' hehe :)

Would it be okay if I just post your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog? So that it's easier for people to see. Let me know if you want me to post a different entry apart from the one on my sidebar. Thanks!

Askmewhats said...

congratulations Crystal on your first year anniversary! Time flies right? I won't be joining the contest because I will definitely purchase Belle de Jour for next i'm giving the chance to your other readers, but I want to thank you for creating this blog, for being a friend and it was great to meet you! :)

MaryJoyce said...

hi crystal,
thanks for the amazing giveaway! among your blog entries, my fave is this one
because i really have the seen the improvement in your makeup skills. it looks clean can go daytime AND night-time. Love love love this FOTD

here's my blog entry

joyceongco at yahoo dot com

Justine Biance said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kat C, said...

Hi sis!

Congrats for your bloggyversary, ako nalang yata ang di nagboblog :)

anyhoo, my most fave post would have to be your first fOTD after you went to makeup class. as in i was so blown away, you became so good na with makeup! Inggit mode waaah


katiztic of GT

katch05 at gmail dot com

Justine Biance said...

Hi Crystal! Nice giveaway, too bad I didn't get the chance to attend the event, I'm in the province.But I heard it went well.

Anyway, I'm joining your giveaway. My fave I guess is this post??haha. I love, love Bdj Planner and best if it's free. But honestly, the thing I would love about your blog is how you grown on your makeup skills. I like when you makeover someone and make them more beautiful. I also appreciates your product reviews.

Congratulations on your first anniversary! Time really flies fast. Goodluck!

I followed you at my email: justinebiance [at] gmail [dot] com

luckyfinds said...

I love this post--

I follow your blog and reposter this contest at

nikkiz. said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog!

I'm joining too and here's the link from my blog:

My favorite posts are the ones on product reviews. I like knowing someone else's experience with a particular product I am eye-ing so I always read reviews!

leily said...

Hi, there

It's me, leily from GT. I'd like to join your giveaway, too.

My fave entry, hands down, is this:

It became one of my guides on what to expect when I was shopped in Singapore's Sephora and Sasa. I was so glad to included the prices. It gave me an idea on what the prices. This blog entry was a big help. Thanks.

My email: laleily at yahoo dot com

Jarek said...

Hi Crystal!

First and foremost I'm a guy and I don't know much about blog..more so "beauty blogs" ahemm. I have known your site since my girlfriend frequently visits it. I kinda don't understand why she always reads things about makeup, she looks very pretty for me even without one. Maybe that's why you called it, "Girl thing." Anyway, I'm sneaking into your blog for me to have a chance, if I may have been blessed to have won it, and surprise her with this planner. I know she'll need this. And one thing's for sure, she'll be happy to know that it's from you.

Hoping she will not see my comment. Congrats to a year of blogging!


zashiq5 said...

join me..

i agree with your beauty tips, a dermatologist also told me that i should cleanse, moisturize and protect my skin.. sunblock is the best protection.. also like your reviews on sunblock.. hope i could try kanebo..tnx.

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