Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Product Review: The Face Shop Pure Blossom Mini 02 Blooming Glow

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? So anyway, I'd like to share with you my review of this. I first learned about this product from Anastacia and I got curious. After reading some reviews about this in GirlTalk, I was sold! This is available in 2 shades, but I'll be reviewing 02 for today. 02 is very hard to find. It's OOS in most branches but I found this baby in Festival Mall.

Here is a picture with my hand to give you an idea about the size. I was surprised to find that it is indeed MINI. LOL.

Here it is when it's opened. As you can see it's made up of tiny balls or different colors ALA Guerlain Meteorites or the Paul and Joe powders from the Disney collection. Haha. It also comes with a small brush that you can store in the bottom compartment.

Don't think that these are like the Guerlain meteorites that can be applied all over the face. These are very shimmery, so you can only use them on certain areas.

Here is a swatch of 2 swipes of the Pure Blossom balls. As you can see it is very light, but it's buildable. A couple of swipes is enough for very fair-skinned people, but darker people will need a few more swipes. Because it's very sheer, I find this to be quite versatile!

So let's do a rundown of the pros and cons:


  • Very versatile: this can be used as blush, or added on top of blush, or just on the apples of the cheeks to give extra oomph!
  • The brush that it comes with is soft and not scratchy
  • Smells good!
  • Lasts all day on my uber oily skin


  • Might have a hard time showing up on morenas
  • Some people might not like the fragrance
  • The brush can leave you with a "strip-looking" blush. It's better to use another brush for applying it.

Will I buy this again? Yes!

Where and how much? at The Face Shop for P595.00 (approx. $12)

Here's an FOTD of me wearing Pure Blossom 02 alone on my cheeks. Notice how it goes on very light, just enough for a slight pinkish glow and for the light to hit my cheeks.

So what are your thoughts?


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have the 01 that anastacia sent me. & it's so cute,right?
i was also surprised to know that it is indeed THAT mini!

the mini guerlain meteorites are also of the same size..

i'll do a post about it this week siguro.

Askmewhats said...

that is such a cute product, Just recently, I've discovered the goodness of face illuminator :)

Crystal said...

thiamere, do you have the mini guerlain meteorites? haha indeed it IS mini!

nikki, yes they are really nice noh?

*Nehs* said...

how cute! the packaging and those "balls" (hehe) are adorable. :)

Crystal said...

nehs, i know right? Hehe

ning * star said...

the packaging is cute!

Crystal said...

ning*star, yes it is!

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