Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FOTD time!

Hello friends! I know I've been busy lately but hopefully I'll be able to post more the next few weeks. Anyway, let me just leave you first with an FOTD I did the other day. Since I went to makeup school, I've steered away from doing the darkening of the outer crease since I realized that it does not work for me because I'm mono-lidded and it was also advised to be. I now do the darker-in-the-bottom-and-lighter-going-on-top and I find that it suits me better.

Most of the e/s I used are from Urban Decay which I totally love!!

Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Primer
Ellana Sheer Velvet Finishing Powder
Buff'd Concealing Mineral Foundation in Buff
Aromaleight Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in Peaches and Cream
Stila Contouring Trio

Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box
MAC Creme Royale
Stila Smudgepots in Black
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Yeyo
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara
E.L.F. Studio Brow Treat and Tame
E.L.F. Studio Liner Sealer
Ellana Undereye Concealer in Cheer

Lumiere Ditto "O"

Earthen Glow Minerals Lip Gloss in 110012
Ellana Liquid Lip Color in Allure


Askmewhats said...

sis Love your brows here! you applied it really well :)

Pammy said...

You look pretty! And your make up skills are soooooooo much better. I wish I can go to a make up school without having to shed lotsa moolah for that. :P

Good job, sister. :)

nikkiz. said...

wow...there really is a change from your previous FOTDs especially in the e/s part. You look really great and the makeup suits you.
I wish I could also learn like you. I really suck at putting on e/s so I rarely do.

By the way, this is the only post in your blog that I can see. The previous post - just the title, the comments and nothing else. I also can't see or go to any of your past posts. I don't know why.

B said...

You are absolutely beautiful! And wow....those brows are gorgeous.

donnarence said...

you look so elegant with that look.. hands down.. everything looks so beautiful..

Crystal said...

nikki, really? thank you sis. i had a good product haha. i'll review it soon.

pammy, really? practice practice lang tayo hehe.

Crystal said...

nikkiz, thank you! i don't why you can't seem to see it. i'll try and find out why.

B, thanks gurl! i guess the ELF brow gel really made a difference lol!

donnarence, coming from you wah i'm so flattered! LOL

Tish said...

Wow Crystal! This is perfect for a comeback. You look so classy and glowing. And yes, your skin looks so flawless too. Sis Pammy is right, your makeup skills are so much better. *jealous*

Crystal said...

tish, thanks gurl! i hope so too! i still have so much to learn.

Anonymous said...

ooh nice girl naging hawig mo si Mariel Rodriguez .so pretty!

Crystal said...

louie, talaga? mariel rodriguez? hehe *blushing*

Blair said...

Love your look! You look really natural and polished =D

Crystal Gale said...

What a great look! You really rocked this one sis..very classy :)

note: I experienced the same thing with your other post..I can only see the title but no content..

kikayfetz said...

new follower here! wish i can afford make up school too LOL

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

my goodness, you look beautiful. Awesome job on the makeup application too. I agree with what you did. I think that type of eye application is better with ppl with mono lids.

Crystal said...

blair, thank you dear!

gale, really you're experiencing that problem too? ang weird ha.

Crystal said...

kikayfetz, thanks for following me!

becky, thank you dear! yah i think that it works for me so i'll stick to that from now on.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look so simply elegant. i like how naturally pretty you look,hun!

so refreshing!

Gel said...

ganda! you look so pretty!

Crystal said...

thiamere and gel, thank you dears!

Khymm said...

love ko rin yung brows! you're really pretty! Happy Birthday! Ngayon din bday ko eh.. error lang sa Pc time hehe.. what shade ng ELF treat and tame gamit mo?

Soapaholic said...

I really love this look on you.:) I've been following your blog for a long time now and I noticed that your makeup looks have "grown up".:) I'd say this look is very fitting for a young fresh-out-of-college girl like you!:) You can really really be a pro makeup artist!

Ida said...

your makeup looks so clean and very pretty! and your skin looks flawless too. teach me how you do your brows? i wonder if i'm also have a mono lid. looking forward to more of your fotds! :)

Crystal said...

khymm, edi magkabirthday talaga tayo! hehe medium ang shade ng treat and tame ko.

soapaholic, i don't know what to say. i'm so flattered! thank you gurl!

ida, haha my brow makeup is pretty simple actually. unfortunately, i can't see if you're monolidded or not based on the picture. maybe you just need to inspect your lids more closely :)

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