Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review: Fanny Serrano Long Wearing Gel Liner

I tried this out because of the good reviews. In my experience, it's quite creamy and not hard to apply. However, waterproof as it may be, it's not very oil-resistant (at least in my case).

The first time I tried it, I just applied silica powder on my lids then proceeded to apply the liner on my upper lash line. One hour later, it was completely gone.

Not giving up hope, I tried it again for a second time. This time I place eyeshadow on my lids first, then applied the liner. Four hours later, to my horror, the liner migrated all the way to my undereye. I've been walking around with racoon eyes for who knows how long?

I still didn't give up hope. The next day, I applied Bare Naturals S5 Primer on first, then foundation, then eyeshadow. There was still some smudging a few hours later, although it didn't go all the way to my undereye. 6 hours later, the gel liner looked like eyeshadow already :(

Would I buy this again?
No. For me, the search continues.


Askmewhats said...

OH no!! You do have super oily lids! It is hard huh? I find that even my pencil liners when put on the undereye smudges on me...and I don't have oily lids! So good luck to us!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

yes my lids are super oily. when i was wearing the FS gel liner for the 3rd day, someone asked me what brand i was using (because it smudged already) and when i told her it was fanny serrano, she was shocked because she uses it on other people and it doesn't budge!

good luck to us indeed!

Anonymous said...

just browsing through. ive heard a lot of good reviews regarding FS gel liner too. tried it in a makeup counter but i didn't quite like it. I'm still for MAC fluidliner. :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

^thanks for stopping by anonymous! i'll be buying MAC fluidline sometime next month. i'm really hoping that this will work for me.

Raby said...

i just bought it today and it's actually very easy to apply, but after an hour, i already have raccoon eyes...i like the angle brush though...now i have to look for another good product that is not so expensive...i didn't know that it could disappoint just the first time using it....can anybody recommend any gel eyeliner? well, not MAC it's expensive...

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

^hi raby, actually what you can do is try using a good primer first. see if it will make the FS gel liner last longer. you might want to try coastal scents also.

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