Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Essence of Beauty Brushes

I finally got my Essence of Beauty Brushes from eBay! This is actually my first purchase via eBay and I got them for a decent price. I actually started eyeing this because of Girltalk and I saw Shen (shensaddiction) with these babies during the MMU weekend. I loved how they look like! These are 3 double-ended brushes with 1 bonus eyeshadow brush.

from top to bottom:
blush and powder brush
foundation and concealer brush
blending and eye shadow brush
eye shadow brush

I'm no expert on brushes, but I think that these brushes are mixed. Some are synthetic while some are animal hair. The 3 duo brushes are soft, but the bonus eye shadow brush is hard and scratchy. I already see a little bit of shedding in the blush brush, which I guess to be made of animal hair. Because they're double-ended, they're very handy for travel, but it's a little hard to store. I wish I was able to find more of their eye brushes though, because they're much raved about. I guess I'll have to wait till I actually go the US to buy those.

Anyway, I was in Watson's today and look what caught my eye:

See the giant 70% off? It was originally P100 (around $2) but it came out at P20 only (around $0.40) so it was actually 80% off. I tried to feel the sponge (since it couldn't be opened) and it felt more durable than the usual sponge tip applicators so I decided to give this a shot. When I finally opened it up when I got home, yes it really was more durable. Although, this won't last as long as a brush will. LOL.


Askmewhats said...

wow a sponge applicator for only Php20? I wonder!! :) well as long as it works ! :)

Nice brushes you have, you're right about having a hard time storing them as they're double ended! what I want to try? SOnia Kashuk brushes :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

me too! i want to try sonia kashuk!

OD said...

methinks you're fast drowning yourself with brushes LOL... and we dont even have on our hands those pre-buy brushes yet.

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

lol. you're right grace. lately i've been spending more on brushes than makeup. but i'm only going to get 3 brushes from the prebuy.

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