Friday, January 09, 2009

Ellana liquid lip color vs. Ellana lip gloss

I find myself buying from Ellana Minerals quite often because (1) it's affordable, and (2) they have a showroom which saves me the trouble of buying samples and I don't even have to wait for a bazaar.

Anyway, being a lippie lover, my head naturally gravitates towards lippies! Ellana has 4 types of lippies, the moisturizing lip color (which I don't have) in a pot, the lip and cheek tint (which is a different category for me because it's also for the cheeks), the liquid lip color (the one on the left) and the lip gloss (on the right):

So let's go through all these one-by-one, shall we?

Price: The liquid lip color si P150 while the lip gloss is P160.

Quantity: There's no exact amount in the picture, but as you can see you the lip gloss has much more product.

Application: The liquid lip color is more like a lip pen type that you twist to get more product while the lip gloss is a lip wand style. I find that it's easier to control the amount of product to use using wand types. With lip pens, once you twist too much, there's no putting that product back. The lip pen is more hygienic, though, because the product doesn't get contaminated.

Stickiness: The liquid lip color is not sticky while the lip gloss is extremely sticky. If hair flies onto my face and hits my lips, the hair will stay there forever unless I manually remove the hair from my lips.

Pigmentation: The liquid lip color is more pigmented while the lip gloss is more sheer. The new formulation of the lip gloss is also glittery.

Gloss: The liquid lip color isn't really glossy while the lip gloss has high shine.

Staying Power: I find that the liquid lip color has better staying power.

Mintiness: The lip gloss has a minty feeling on your lips! I don't really notice this with the liquid lip color.

So after all these, what do you think I prefer? My answer is the liquid lip color! I'm really loving this. Too bad there are only 6 colors to choose from. I hope they make new colors soon. This is a keeper!


Crystal Gale said...

great review! very detailed. Hmm, this makes me want to buy a liquid lip color so that I can compare it with my lip color in the pot hehe..what color would you suggest I get if I want a natural looking lips? MYBB :)

Askmewhats said...

I have read so many raves about Ellana Lippies, I should check them out :) thanks for the review.

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

gale, i'm not sure which shade is the would be best. but my friend tried on cherish and it's pretty nude.

nikki, get the liquid lip color!

Anonymous said...

great review! You help me a lot in choosing Ellana lip's products. Thanks. Now I'm goit to get the lipcolor for myself.

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