Monday, October 25, 2010

Me, Me, Me!

For my friend, Herroyalbleakness.

When I posted this FOTD during my last concert, she wanted to see what I was wearing. 

So here it is, it's really simple, since it was in an intimate setting like I've said before. I know, I know, I've really gained weight and I'm still in the process of losing it. It's so sad, I only have two gowns that fit me now. Argghhh... I'm at a loss for clothes...

Me with our pianist.

And look what I found from the vaults of facebook, another FOTD. A blast from the past!

The light was really strong, since this was taken under stage lights. I love how my skin looks like here :P

Have a great day!


Pammy said...

You look really pretty! :P The pink gown looks really nice on you. Though I love the one when you're wearing that black dress. :P

Crystal said...

pammy, yes the black one is one of my more glamorous ones :P the pink is simple lang :)

herroyalbleakness said...

Crystal actually listens :D thanks for posting the entire look. you look real tall with that pink dainty gown *clap clap*... tho i think you have to wear killer heels higher than what you're wearing here to flatter the hemline a bit.

i remember that photo! OA ka... blast from the past --- kelan lang yang pic na yan ah. kayang kaya mo ibalik ang ganyang figure. i dont find you fat. perhaps you need to tone down lang.

oh, and i had to take a second look at that pic of you and the pianist. you look so alike i thought you were sisters. or are you? :D

Askmewhats said...

Love your outfit!!! So gorgeous! CHIC ha!

Crystal said...

herroyalbleakness, matagal-tagal na yan. that was like a year ago na. i can't wear heels kasi because i'll be standing for a long period of time e :P my pianist is not my sister, haha she looks like me?

nikki, thanks girl!

DeBi said...

wwooottt!!! sexy-ness!
your make-up is so fresh-looking.

Crystal said...

debi, thank you!

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