Monday, August 02, 2010

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Strawberry Milk and Yoghurt

I've read so many good reviews about NYX Jumbo Pencils, but they said that it's creamy that it can crease! Being the greaseball that I am, I ran in the opposite direction. BUT! I found that though I may not be able to use them on my eyelids, I found a use for them... on my waterline!

My quest for a perfect pink pencil on the waterline started when I was in makeup school. One of my mentors, Ms. Nina, showed us what she used for her waterline: it was a pink jumbo pencil from MUFE. She said that pink was the natural color of our waterline which is why she preferred a pink or nude colored one instead of the white ones that a lot of people use. Well, since MUFE is expensive, I decided to turn to NYX to find a cheaper alternative. Thus, here we are!

Presenting, NYX Jumbo Milk Pencils in Strawberry Milk and Yoghurt:

Here they are when swatched:

When applied to the waterline, it indeed does make your eyes look brighter (because of the shimmers too) without using white.

Here's what I love about it:
  • It's very creamy. You know how sometimes it takes pencils forever to show up on your waterline? Not this one!
  • Staying power is good! More than 6 hours and there's still a good amount left! Some pencils disappear quickly in my waterline, but not this!

Here's what I don't love about it:
  • It's jumbo-sized, so it's possible to accidentally smear some on your lower lashline. You have to be careful with application.

Please note that I am reviewing this as a waterline pencil, and not as anything else, but of course, don't be afraid to try and use this as eyeshadow!

Will I buy this again? When I run out, yes!


Zaya said...

I never thought of using this for my waterline! I hate its drying effect on my lips so I haven't used it for ages. Thanks for the tip :)

Crystal said...

sure gurl! i hope it works for you now :)

ning * star said...

I'm very happy with my nyx purchase too... i got yogurt, black bean and milk. but I'm sooo in love with yogurt... the shade is so pretty!

Crystal said...

i love yoghurt too!

Bheii said...

This is great! I have lots of nyx jumbo pencils, and I don't really reach for them,.. Thank you for sharing this! :) Now, i gotta try my nyx jumbo pencils. :)

Crystal said...

do try them and see how it goes :)

Askmewhats said...

I do use these for eyeshadow base :) I guess its not for oily lids to use as base :) love the tip on waterline! It'll make your eyes pop fo sure!

Crystal said...

yes, i'm happy using them on my waterline! maybe i'll try them one day on my lids.

Shopcoholic said...

I own 1 shade of this. yes you're right mas natural tingnan yung nude color sa waterline compared to white.. may nude color kaya ang nyx?

Crystal said...

khymm, AFAIK wala :( ang meron yung MAC chromatographic pencils, but it seems so expensive just for a waterline pencil. it's not available kasi here e so may shipping pa etc.

Tina Marie said...

I love NYX jumbo e/s pencils. I love them as eyeshadow bases!

jezebell_6364 said...

I luv NYX :) I use milk the most and black bean. btw I love your blog and I just gave you the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog for details. xoxo

Crystal said...

@tina, yeah they're useful as e/s bases too!

jezebell, thank you! i'll check it out.

badloi said...

wow..nice blog you have....keep it up..

bestessays is what I am hoping for..


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