Monday, August 09, 2010

Going on a Lifestlyle Change

After I came back from my trip to the US, I gained a lot of weight. I gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks. But before that, I was already ballooning up to an alarming rate. I seriously let myself go, just eating whatever I want, seeing the scale give me a bigger number every few weeks, but not doing anything to correct it. After I came home from the US, I finally put my foot down. This is not right. I needed to make a change.

I wasn't talking about just going on a diet (which is still hard to this day), I'm talking about a lifestyle change. Since June, my main goal was to exercise twice a week. At first I found it hard, only exercising one day a week. I started losing a bit of weight. Then, I decided to commit to finally making it a steady two to three times a week. I felt my arms get leaner. I've only lost a bit of weight, but I felt myself get stronger. I've been a couch potato all my life. Ask all my friends, I've always been extremely weak. But now, I feel different.

I started adding cardio to my workout. At first my goal was three times a week. I'm still not very good at it, but I'm getting better. Starting last week, I decided to up my cardio to five times a week, but keeping the normal workout to two or three times a week. Now I'm finding that I'm getting addicted to it. I actually make time now to work out before going to work. When I'm lying down in my bed I feel like I have to move about or something. 

I still haven't lost much weight. I'm very far from my target weight, but I'm seriously much happier. I'm getting muscles in my arms, and starting to see a little definition in my abs. Just yesterday, I walked/ran 23 stories going up! It was really hard, but I'm planning to make this a regular workout, and hopefully make it to 30 stories, and be running more than walking.


why Egypt ? said...


herroyalbleakness said...

Yay for this big step Crystal! The best thing about lifestyle change is that there's a priceless sense of well-being. extra perk nalang na you physical look better :)

hope you stay committed. wanna be stay-committed-to-healthy-lifestyle buddies? :) i wanna shed some pounds off, too!

Crystal said...

herroyalbleakness, sure! but payat ka na! you don't need to lose weight anymore :P

mandy said...

All these lifestyle changes that I've been hearing make me want to change my lifestyle too. It's difficult >__< You sound like you're seeing a lot of improvement! Can't wait to hear more about it. What kind of exercises are you doing?

Crystal said...

mandy, if i can do it so can you :P i do different types of crunches, and then arm exercises with 5 lb weights. then i do belly dancing for cardio, but sometimes i'll be climbing stairs instead :)

DeBi said...

go go go!
if ever you need any advise, I might be able to help you. But i think you don't need any more...I an see that you are so determined!


Crystal said...

debi, thank you for the offer! i'll definitely keep that in mind! thanks gurl!

Crystal Gale said...

Keep up the good work sis! I hope I can do what you are doing. I'm really in need of a good exercise for my health but I just can't stay with it very long. Wish you luck and God bless :)

Crystal said...

gale, thanks for dropping by! if i can do it so can you! stay safe sis!

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