Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Graftobian Hi-Def Creme Foundation

Remember when I posted that I really wanted a Graftobian Warm Super Palette? When I went to the US, it was out of stock! Thankfully, Joan sold her extra piece. I didn't think twice and bought it right away!

This is a great thing to have in a makeup artist's palette. It comes with 18 warm different shades that range from light to dark. From the pan, it looks cool but actually, when applied, actually blends nicely with the skin.

I tried the colors, and I found that Enchantress and Vixen are the ones that are good matches for me. For this photo, I used Enchantress. Here's a picture of me wearing nothing but foundation. I'm sorry about how I look. I just took a bath and haven't combed my hair.

I have a zit in my left undereye, but it was able to cover it well. I love the coverage and finish that it gives!

  • Did not make me look oilier than I am
  • Staying power is good. I don't use traditional foundation for long periods of time because I want to let my skin breathe. I've used it for a maximum of 6 hours and by the time I wash it off, it's still intact, but I do need to blot my face.
  • Looks great for pictures, coverage is medium to heavy
  • A little goes a long way

  • Can't think of any right now
Don't need a lot of shades? Not to worry. Graftobian sells this in groups of five and in singles. And the good news is that these are available locally.

  • Most people find that using a sponge works best for cream foundation
  • Cream foundation is not likely to provide oil control for gals with oily skin, also it's not likely to dry out the skin of dry skinned gals
  • Need a lot of coverage? Cream foundation is a good bet.
  • Want to use it for everyday but find it too heavy? Mix it with your favorite moisturizer. The effect is like a tinted moisturizer :)


Shopcoholic said...

wow i kept reading good reviews about this foundie..

Crystal said...

hi khymm! nice nga cya :)

Askmewhats said...

the foundation is really good, lucky you to have bought this palette :D

Crystal said...

nikki, i know you love this palette too!

coffretgorge said...

hi crystal! sounds good! is the palette refillable? :)

Pammy said...

Nice review. I'd like to try the powder foundation though. I don't like the feeling or creme or liquid foundies on my oily face. :P

Caby said...

Graftobian has got to be one of the brands that I believe will be a staple in my kit. Their cream foundation is one that I use, now that I'm comfortable with the shades I'd rather buy full pots of at least 4 shades for mixing and matching. :)

herroyalbleakness said...

wow... it's like you've got nothing on your face! i like, i like! i wish we had graftobian over our local beauty counters.... :(

okay din kaya sakin ang enchantress? :D

Crystal said...

coffretgorge, unfortunately no :(

pammy, yah i wish more pinays would review the powder. but i bought this first because it's more important as an MUA.

caby, i agree graftobian is a really good brand talaga! i'll stick to this palette first though :) later on na yung full sizes.

herroyalbleakness, it looks like nothing sa pictures but in real life syempre meron parin. i think enchantress is too dark for you. puti mo!

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