Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recent Hauls + Award

Over the past two weeks, I've been buying stuff that I need for makeup school. And since I'm just studying and not really a makeup artist, I'm just buying some affordable stuff and I'm not buying high end products just yet. I bought Celeteque because we need an alcohol-free toner, Pond's Cold Cream, Petroleum Jelly, Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara (both Ms. Gina and Ms. Nina love this mascara) and some Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liners. For you Maybelline fans out there, Maybelline is 20% off for all the weekends of August in Robinson's Galleria!

From HBC, I bought a cover cape so that I won't spill or stain my model/client's clothes. I also bought a San San pencil brush. Ms. Nina is so fond of using this brush to smudge the eyeliner in the lower lashline so I bought one for myself for only P65! I also bought a cherry chapstick for doing men's makeup. And from The Face Shop, I bought a taupe eyebrow pencil, which Ms. Gina recommends.

I also bought a couple of pieces from Graftobian, a brown cake eyeliner, and a concealer wheel. In my classes, I've learned the importance of having an orange concealer (and yes, I do mean bright orange) especially when doing makeup for people with darker skin tones. I mix it with regular concealer and it makes concealing dark spots so much easier. I prefer a brighter orange as compared to the orange corrective color of MUFE because I find that too light to use on darker people.

Anyway, I am BROKE!

Moving on, I was given an award by Elsa! Thank you dearie!

To accept this award do the following:

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3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
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7 things about me that MIGHT (i said might) be interesting...

1. Apart from makeup, the three things I love most are music (of course), broadway musicals and Star Trek!
2. I'm not a shoe person! I rarely buy shoes because I'm too lazy, and I love wearing flip flops more.
3. I'm also not a bag person. Unlike most gals who love collecting bags and shoes, I'm happy with just one or two bags that I know will serve me well. I'm too lazy to transfer my stuff from one bag to another.
4. I'm hoping to take my graduate studies in the US in the next two years.
5. I'm really short and I wish I were taller, but I'm not fond of wearing heels since I do a lot of walking and standing.
6. I hate liver!
7. I get migraines easily. I just need to walk under the sun for 1 minute and here comes the headache!

I pass this award to


jamie said...

ohh where did you get ur graftobian.:D

Crystal said...

binebenta ni ms. gina, yung isa naming teacher sa basement. she still has some stuff, but ubos na yung cake eyeliners and i think paubos na rin yung concealer wheel that i bought pero marami pa siyang concealers and foundies!

Shen said...

yey! that's cool. i think i know who ms. gina is. she's nice! will be sitting in the next clas na talaga. :)

donnarence said...

thanks crystal.. :D parang nice yung concealer wheel.. :D

Crystal said...

shen, yes she's nice. hopefully she still has some graftobian :P

donnarence, oo nga e mukhang nice nga.

Blair said...

the concealer wheel looks great!

Anonymous said...

hicrystal :)

super nice haul.
im allergic to the other celeteque toner. i wonder why :(

maybe the one that you got is ok.

i love the makeups that you purchased. (jealous ako) hehe...

i changed my domain name. please add me :)

The Shades Of U said...

So happy for you that you are now in beauty school! I wish I can do that too, but I am way to busy with work and family life. I am sure you would be creating more amazing looks. :) Goodluck!

Crystal said...

blair, yeah i know it looks nice right? i haven't tried it though. there was no tester. there was a lot of MU and i wanted to buy them all! LOL

jing, talaga? hmm i hope i won't have problems with this one i got although it's not for me. it's for other people :P

aileen, thank you. you don't need makeup school as you're so good with MU already!

Crystal Gale said...

you have a great haul sis..I'm sure you are broke with so many stuffs you bought haha..but happy broke naman for sure :)

thanks for tagging me..I'll do that today :)

Crystal said...

wah! You're right i'm broke but happy :)

Steph said...

wow how much are they selling the graftobian concealer wheel?

Crystal said...

it's 1650 in her price list although we got it at a slightly lower price since we're her students :)

♥ mia said...

oooh san san pencil brush, interesting! teehee

luv that color wheel!

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