Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Beauty List

Have you ever wondered what stuff you'll need if you want to be a makeup artist (apart from your makeup)? Here's the "beauty list" that we were given. In it are the things that our teachers think that we should have.

1. rubbing alcohol (preferable in a small spray dispenser)
2. Cetaphil cleanser (or any facial cleanser of your choice)
3. moisturizer (hypoallergenic and non-oily)
4. toner
5. bottle of facial water spray
6. non-oily make up remover
7. eye gel - for brides' puffy eyes
8. eye cream
9. cherry chapstick - for doing men's makeup since you can't put gloss on them
10. eye drops - for red eyes
12. cotton tips
13. cotton balls
14. cape or cover cloth - so you won't spill makeup on your model's/client's clothes
15. tissue
16. paper towels
17. table towel or non-slip placemat
18. cosmetic pencil sharpener
19. small embroidery scisssors
20. tweezers
21. disposable plastic mini shaver
22. lash curler
23. headbands/clips - so your model's/client's hair won't get in the way
24. palette knife
25. mixing palette
26. breath spray - for you, not for you client
27. lash adhesive
28. sponges: wedge, circular, ellipse, sea sponge
29. small plastic bowl
30. cup/glass to use as brush stand
31. lashes
32. brush cleaner
33. disposable applicators for mascara and lips
34. roux stick - for covering gray/white hair
35. color wheel
36. small jar of petroleum jelly
37. liquid band aid (if available) - for covering crusty pimples
38. hand sanitizer
39. personal hygiene items (toothbrush, deodorant, etc) - in case shoots take long
40. first aid kit

whew! now that's a long list.


Askmewhats said...

yes ! all check!! grabe we carry so much stuffs when we do makeup for other people!

Crystal said...

nikki, talaga? you even have the roux stick and the liquid band aid? the liquid band aid is not available locally daw e.

Kay said...

thanks for sharing this Crystal..

it's funny how we bring so much "just in case" stuff for makeup gigs.. and end up not using most of it..

if i do decide not to bring some stuff to lighten the load.. i end up needing it.. hehehe

very helpful post dear.. :)

Crystal Gale said...

wow! that's a lot of stuffs! no wonder makeup artists carry a very big and heavy traincase all the time..

Crystal said...

kay, you're right. you never know when you're going to need the stuff that you leave behind :P

gale, i know right? that's why it says preferably in a small container so it won't be so heavy :P

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