Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day of Mourning

I was supposed to post something today, but word spread out quickly that at 3:18AM today, Former President Corazon Aquino passed away. I was very young when she was president so I can't remember her as president, but she will always be an important person in Philippine history as the one who boldy ran against a dictator after the death of her husband. I'm sure many criticized her, but despite that, many more loved her. Even if I wasn't alive during the EDSA Revolution, I will always remember her as a very sincere and simple woman, who truly believed in serving the Filipino people. Let's pray for her soul.


teeyah. said...

I am so sad about it, too. Although I feel that her suffering had to end already.

And just like you, I was so young during the time she was a President.:)

More power to your blog.

Crystal said...

teeyah, you're right. at least she's not in pain anymore.

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