Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tips from a Book

Look at what I found lying around the house!

Although it's an old book, it's still interesting. I'd like to show you an interesting section on eyeliner styles that could be of some help:

I labeled the illustrations to show you what's being referred to:

1. natural eye
2. daytime and more dramatic
3. evening and special occasion look
4. exotic eye

Here's my favorite section:

These are illustrations of shading and highlighting. The page on the left is for highlighting, the white parts are the highlighted parts. The page on the right is for shading, with the gray parts as the shades areas. These illustrations are easy to follow. HTH!

You can click on the picture to see be able to read what the page better.

I went swimming the other day. It's my first time in 5 years! So my skin has tanned. I think my face is going back to its original color but my body has still the same color. The side of my mouth is red though :( I don't if it's because I forgot to put sunblock there or it got irritated from the chlorine :( I'm putting emu oil on it and it's getting better though.


Blair said...

Hope the skin around you mouth gets better m'dear!

I'm sorry to hear that the MUFE liners don't suit you! I haven't used mine, they're still sitting prettily in the box =D

Yeah, I heard good things about the peel so I wanted to give it a try.

I went to Milan in the winter, I'm back to Malaysia now haha. It's hot and humid here -.-

~tHiAmErE~ said...

oh wow!
that's one great book!

Yumeko said...

its cool u found that booook

Askmewhats said...

sorry about the skin and your allergies to Chlorine, your skin is really sensitive no? take care and hope you get better

reynakatarayan said...

sorry to hear bout your skin. hehhe
ei! that's a good book you have there...its very informative.

Crystal said...

blair, thanks i hope it gets better too. i hope the MUFE liners work for you. they're supposed to be even better than UD 24/7. unfortunately i couldn't take it :( btw, speaking of milan, i'll be going to Rome next month hopefully :P

thiamere and yumeko and reynakatarayan, i haven't gotten around to reading it, but it looks like it has lots of great tips.

nikki, yah i hate having this sensitive skin! :( said...

It's absolutely meant to fall in your hands! That book! :) Hope you feel better girl!

herroyalbleakness said...

wow, this is so sweet! ive never seen a beauty book ever (really) and im just awed to see one (first time ko talaga :D i never imgained na my beauty book pala). so sweet for you to get these tips typed up and shared.

Crystal said...

aileen, haha you think so? thanks. i feel better already.

herroyalbleakness, there are a lot of beauty books around. i'm lemming for cosmo's sexiest beauty secrets and the bobbi brown makeup manual actually :P

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