Sunday, April 19, 2009

On Vision and Contact Lens

Bad eyesight runs in the family. I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old. In fact, I think that wearing glasses at an early age stunted my nose growth so it's not as nice as it could have been.

I was in 2nd year college when I decided that I've had enough of glasses and wanted to get contact lens. The first brand I tried was Durasoft, based on the recommendation of my aunt who is an opthalmologist.

The first time I went to school without glasses, a lot of people asked me if I got eyelash extensions. Apparently, with my glasses, people never noticed my eyes before. I'd tell them, "No I didn't. They've been like that since before, you just never noticed." :P Anyway, when Durasoft was phased out, I tried Ciba Thin, which worked well. Then, my mom, who is also a of an enabler, suggested that I try colored contact lens. I agreed, and then got two pairs of Freshlook, one in brown and one in green. I loved Freshlook, but I hated the hole it burned on my pocket.

So now, I'm currently trying out a cheaper brand called FreshKon. I understand that some people get allergies from this product, but so far, I'm not having any problems with it. I still like Freshlook better, but for the price, I don't mind sticking to FreshKon.

Anyway, I still have to get myself some glasses because I can't wear contact lens everytime I'm awake so last week I went to the optical shop to look for a pair. OMG I couldn't believe the prices! The last time I got myself a pair of glasses was 5 years ago. During that time, I was still with my parents so I didn't realize how steep the price was, but now that I was by myself, I was like, wow! Frames are expensive, and since the grade of the lens are high, I had to buy them in ultrathin so that they won't look so thick, so I paid quite a hefty price for a pair of glasses! Having bad eyesight is expensive.

For those of you who have eyesight problems, I hope this post helped. For those who are blessed with good eyesight, be thankful for it!


Tish said...

I still have a 20/20 vision despite being in front of the computer for more than 10hours a day. I'm so thankful I don't have to wear glasses coz 1. they cost a pretty penny (my sister's are more than Php5,000; 2. they make me look "manang." hehe

Well, okay. I do own a pair of protective/anti-glare glasses which I barely even wear. I wear it only when I remember or when my eyes look puffy.

I wonder how you look like with glasses *wink*

Askmewhats said...

I just checked, my vision is ok :) Thank you Lord :)

I don't think you even look "manang" with glasses!

Crystal said...

tish and nikki, i so envy you!

tish, haha some people have told me that i look like a "lola" with glasses. yup, glasses can be so costly. thankfully, i'm so stingy that i got mine at less than that.

nikki, really you think so? i hope not.

nikkiz. said...

I've been wearing glasses since I was in college (more than 15 years ago!). Poor eyesight and other ophthalmic problems run in my family too. I wear contacts every time I go out because glasses sort of "hinder" my vision even if they're the right grade. I wish I could get laser done but it's expensive.

Yes, a pair of glasses don't come cheap now because I changed mine a few months ago since my last one was a loooong time ago too. I want those very thin, flexible ones but they're like P15K and up, yikes!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i also have a bad eyesight & been thinking of using contact lenses...
but im a bit afraid of sticking my fingers in my

but im thinking about getting one...

Chrissy said...

Bad eyesight runs in my family too--case in point: all of us are wearing glasses.

I can't wear contacts, sadly, because there's something weird going on with my eyes and it'd be more expensive (like 5k a pair instead of 2 or 3) so my parents decided not to let me get contacts.

But it's okay, I'm happy with my glasses--but definitely not with my nose! I know how it is, I've been wearing glasses since I was 6.

OMG it's only two years till I'm on my own...I don't think I can handle it! Lol!

Steph said...

hi! I've worn glasses since grade school and contact lenses since high school so I know what you're talking about. haha.

for contact lenses, ive stuck to the brand Edge III since its not too hard and not too soft. it costs about 800 a piece. as for the glasses, I tend to choose the cheaper frames since I only wear it at home. but yes, the "cheaper frames" are still not cheap! haha plus I'm compelled to have it done ultrathin (plus 900 i think, last time i checked) because it tends to stick out of the frame. haha

It's funny because back in grade school, I really wanted to wear glasses because everyone in my family wore one. I thought it was "cool". haha now i curse having poor eyesight. =(

Crystal said...

nikkiz, yes laser is expensive sadly.

thiamere, you can try contact lens if you want and see if it's for you :)

chrissy, we're the same pala. we've been wearing glasses starting from an early age.

steph, in ideal vision, the ultra thin is 3.5k for a pair! OMG. that doesn't include the frame yet.

-Yu- said...

UTI= rargh!
ha ha ha

I envy those who have 20/20 vision.
and i envy you for wearing contact lens.
My eyes are mildy bad. I am near sighted and cannot see anything past 5 ft.
contact lens are enemies to me. my only hope is glasses. And YES they are so expensive! Are you near sighted or far sighted, crystal?

Chrissy said...

I tagged you! If you are bored, give it a shot! :)

Crystal said...

yu, why can't you get contact lenses? i'm nearsighted. so i can use the computer or read a book without glasses. however, even if there's a really big sign outdoors, i can't read it :( i envy people with 20/20 vision too.

chrissy, thanks for the tag! i'll do it!

Yumeko said...

i have badddd vision
i try to wear glasses most of them time but alas u are right, contact lens does make one look better

would u get lasik?
i think abt that often

Soapaholic said...

Crystal, I envy you for being able to use contacts instead of glasses. I have pretty bad eyes too, although I can usually manage without correction except in the classroom. But I can't wear contacts because my problem is mainly astigmatism.X-|

Ida said...

what a timely post. i've always had 20/20 vision but these days i think my eyes have started to go blurry. i keep squinting at the monitor! gosh i've never put on contacts before. i wonder how it'll feel like :) glasses make me look like a granny too.

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal, bad sight and eye problems run in my family too! I started wearing glasses since I was in elementary (grade 4)then I decided to wear contact lenses when I was in 3rd year high school but then came back to wearing glasses again when I was in 4th year because glasses are much more comfortable, cheaper and convenient for me..I wear contact lenses once in a while during college but ever since I had computer vision syndrome (my eyes get dry very easily) last year, I can't wear contact lenses for the time being..I really want to have laser surgery but it is quite yeah, I'm sticking to my glasses and ultra thin lenses (which is I agree expensive)..if you are looking for cheaper frames, go to Quiapo (Raon) where they sell discounted frames..that's where I got mine (I got it a few hundreds cheaper than in malls) :)

Crystal said...

yumeko, the grade of my eyes keeps on rising so until it finally stabilizes, i can't have laser done.

soapaholic, at least you just have problems in the classroom. :)

ida, it would be best to have your eyes checked!

gale, hmm i didn't know you could get discounted frames at raon! i have to check that out sometime.

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