Monday, April 13, 2009

Product Review: Garnier Light Eye Contour Whitening Cream SPF 15

It's been a while since I've done a skincare product review, so here's one!

This product claims to help whiten the eye as well as prevent wrinkles because of its SPF 15.

I bought this because I want an affordable product that has SPF. I saw this in the supermarket so I had to try it out :P

I've been using this product for a long time already so I think I've used it long enough to make a review. Here are my findings:

>>available locally
>>affordable at P349 (around $7)
>>it has SPF
>>has an instant brightening effect because of the whitish cast brought by the SPF factor
>>packaged in a tube, which is hygienic

>>I got dry spots for the 1st 2 weeks of usage
>>Based on the 1st point, it doesn't moisturize
>>it's not easily absorbed by the skin

After a few months of usage, as well as using a mineral concealer, I noticed that my undereye did become lighter! Yey!

Will I buy this again? Maybe. As much as I like what it's done for my eyes, I also want something that is moisturizing, since I just hit my 20s and I'm already showing some lines :(


Yumeko said...

ah its too bad its drying

its cool it whitens though

Blair said...

Ooo, it really whitens! I need this thing, but I'm too lazy to be diligent

-Yu- said...

it great to hear that it lighten your undereyes! i seriously need to try this too, my eyes are discolored in purple. >.<

But it drying too? i already have dry patches. haha.

thank you for sharing this review!
Psst, i follow you too.

Askmewhats said...

ooops drying is not for me :) Thanks for the review

Anonymous said...

maybe I can use this (i have oily lids lids / undereye after all) will check this out and "drop" in our grocery cart hehe.

Soapaholic said...

Wahh I need to start using eye cream regularly too. We're about the same age I think. I'm considering Sekkisei eye cream.

Crystal Gale said...

aww..i have dry eye area so I can't use this..sayang it worked in lightening dark circles..and I'm also looking for an eye cream with spf :(

nikkiz. said...

I need an eye cream with SPF that whitens the under eye too! what if I mixed this with my eye cream that moisturizes? I'll try it out when and if I buy this. Thanks for the review.

CZEL (Vanity's Child) said...

thanks for the review, maybe i can give it a try. =)

Crystal said...

yumeko, i know right? :P

blair, i used to be lazy putting eye cream too!

yu, yes i experienced drying during the 1st two weeks so if you have dry patches already, don't try this :P thanks for reading too!

Crystal said...

nikki, yah this is not for you :P

gia, it might work for you if you have oily undereyes :P

soapaholic, really we're the same age? LOL. i'm considering trying shiseido sun protection eye cream.

Crystal said...

gale, unfortunately we might have to put out more money to get a better eye cream with spf :(

nikkiz, you can try doing that. there's a big possibility that it will work for you since you use mineral concealers too! which is what i do.

czel, no prob!

herroyalbleakness said...

it scares me that it is drying... won't you develop more lines if it does that to your undereye? im still looking for a nice eye cream (in lieu Estee ANR). care to recommend some? :D

Crystal said...

^possibly, but i continued using it because the dry spots stopped after a while so feeling ko it was okay na. i can't recommend yet but i'll be trying out shiseido sun performance with spf 25 because of shatz' review that it's moisturizing.

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