Saturday, April 11, 2009

Swap Nightmares

Okay, this is not a long post. I'd just like to put up a quick note here. I came across an entry at Cris' (diamondenigma) blog about swapping and clicked on the links she provided. Those links were entries about bloggers who got scammed or duped by other bloggers with whom they swapped with. So I started reading about bad experiences of a few people. This is causing a sort of trauma to those who get victimized and other bloggers are now getting scared of swapping. I've never tried doing a swap with someone from another country (just locally) but I am open to the idea of swapping with someone in the future. Unfortunately, some swappers are creating a bad image about swapping, so now, swapping activity has greatly diminished. I may never get to swap with someone :(

Let's keep swapping clean and enjoyable. And maybe we should also make sure that we know the person we're swapping with well enough to know that they are trustworthy. :)


Blair said...

Hey girl!

Can you please post up the link to that entry that you mentioned? I'd like to read it =)

Chrissy said...

Hi! I do agree that it's kinda sad how things are right now, that you can't trust people really. But the best way to deal with that is to get to know them first! Swapping is fun...well, I hope I get to try it in the future. :D

How are your experiences with swapping (locally) so far?

Anonymous said...

I love swapping pa naman :(
It's my way of getting to know lots of make up. I hope this does not hinder my soon to be international swap. I am sort of in the process of negotiating. I've read those blogs and I empathize with them.

Tish said...

I read these entries on Kimberly Tia's, Mona's and Iyah's blogs. I was stupefied. I cannot imagine how one can do such. I have never tried swapping, though I did ask Nikki of notjutminerals if I could order with her during the month long free shipping spree of Joppa Minerals. I don't know if I'd ever consider swapping, as it really can be financially draining. Not only that, I always run on a tight schedule, so bringing parcels to the post office would be impossible beyond doubt. If everything goes well in the blogging world, I might just consider swapping with someone most bloggers trust.

Good job for posting about this. It's a good heads-up to everybody.

melvel said...

I've never tried swapping mostly because I don't know how to start (esp. since Im not a beauty blogger). I also read about the horror stories and now I fear that those negative experiences may have ruined it for the swapping community (is there such a thing? LOL) I wish there was some sort of feedback system so we'd know who the trustworthy people are.

Soapaholic said...

How exactly does swapping work, Crystal?:) I'd like to try it some time because it sounds practical. Although I think I'll be sticking to local swaps based on your feedback.

DeBi said...

i fell for those who got traumatized by it...sad to see people taking advantage of this. oh and yeah, share it sis so that people will be aware of those scammers....

kat said...


This is sooo scary, but I'm glad that locally, we have forged a strong band of sisters. From within our circle, I don't think anyone would dare. Hopefully though.

But I'd like to swap internationally too, but that gets more difficult because I'm not a beauty blogger =)

Take care, haul with you soon

Kat from GT =)

Crystal said...

blair, these are the links from cris' blog. i started from here and then worked my way to other blogs:

chrissy, i've only done one or two swaps locally. i don't have any problems naman because i trust the people i swapped with. i became friends with a lot of people in girltalk even before i started a beauty blog.

gia, yah i saw in your blog that you'll be doing a swap soon. have fun with your swap though!

tish, i'm not condemning the people who did not swap fairly, but i just want to point out that these things do happen and we need to watch out for that. yup, swapping can be time consuming. btw, regarding pooling, i've pooled with so many people already for internation orders and i've never had any problems :)

Crystal said...

mel, haha a swapping community! maybe in the future there can be a feedback system but as of now, we just have to know who to trust.

soapaholic, i'm not entirely sure how it works too, since i've never swapped. i just see swaps posted in a blog. it's like you set a budget, both ask for things, then you give them other stuff too i think :P

debi, like i said i'm not condemning the people who did this. maybe they've really learned their lesson na.

kat, haha that's true! we do have a strong bond and i don't think anyone would dare. we trust each other naman e. i'm looking forward to our next haul too!

Steph said...

oh ive read about this incident in a couple of blogs. i'm a newbie in beauty blogging and i've been wanting to try swapping with other bloggers. now im having second thoughts. (plus im totally a swapping noob) haha

Cris said...

Thanks for mentioning me in this, I'm so happy I helped :).

Oh, and personally I'll keep swapping :-P. Only with people I trust and like, of course - as long as you know that the person won't deceive you, there's no reason to worry :).

Crystal said...

steph, you can continue swapping. just choose well who you'll swap with.

cris, thanks for giving me a head's up!

Dollface said...

naku! i love swapping pa naman.
madali din kasi ako magtiwala.

pero mostly sa girltalk ako nakikipagswap or sa multiply.
so far ala pa naman akog naeencounter na swaplift.
may ongoing swap session pa naman ako, and i have to ship tomorrow. bigla tuloy ako naalarma.
Sana lang di ako maswap lift.

Anonymous said...

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