Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Unsung Heroes: Brow Mascaras

Around two years ago, my mom bought a brow mascara from Lunasol. And ever since then, I've never looked back. They became even more necessary after I started dyeing my hair. I have yet to commit to bleaching my eyebrows, so brow mascaras are a must for me. My Lunasol brow mascara worked well for a little over a year before it dried out. I didn't repurchase it because it ain't cheap. Then I purchased an ELF Studio brow mascara in medium. Although it took a little longer to apply, I actually didn't mind since it meant that it was harder to overdo it. It dried up in about 6 months, which is okay since it was very affordable anyway.

When I went to Bangkok last November, me and my MUA friend were desperately scouting for a MAC Boy Girl Brow Set, which is always OOS locally. We still scouted around the Watsons there, and ended up testing different brow mascaras: Kate (by Kanebo), Fasio and another brand which I forgot. Kate proved to be the hardest to rub off. Once it dried, it really stayed put! So, we bought one each and our lemming for MAC Boy Girl disappeared.

Brow mascaras don't seem to be getting enough attention. Not only do I use them for people (and myself) who have colored hair, they are also useful to soften a person's overall look. I like to use them on people who have full brows (like mine). Clear mascaras are useful for people who don't need color tweaking and just want their brows to stay in place.

Here's me and my full brows using Kate brow mascara in LB-1. Don't you think it helps soften my look?

Do you use brow mascaras? What do you think?


*KiM* said...

Is this avai locally kaya? I lost my girl boy and I badly need one :(

*KiM* said...

Is this avai locally kaya? I lost my girl boy and I badly need one :(

Crystal said...

Hi Kim, I'm not sure if they have this locally. check the Kate counters @ SM branches. i think there's a pretty good chance that it's available.

herroyalbleakness said...

Love it Crystal! A good pair of brows can make a HUGE difference, noh?

I have semi-thick brows and brows mascaras help me a lot. Currently using 4U2's brow mascara i reviewed several weeks back :)

Dane said...

Ive never seen eyebrow mascara that is colored, seems interesting, but I always opt for the colorless one. X


Jennifer said...

i've never used a brow mascara LOL i think they do make people look better in photographs :)?

Crystal said...

@herroyalbleakness, yah i saw your review on it. yup brows make a big difference!

@dane, thanks for leaving a comment!
not everyone needs a colored mascara so if a clear one works for you then good :)

@jennifer, i think it does help in the photographs but it also depends on what look you're going for :)

Kaye's Heavenly Adventures said...

Thanks so much for the follow-back Crystal. I do agree that a good pair of brows is sometimes all you need. It makes a huge huge difference on the face. Great reviews by the way. More power!

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